25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k

Howdy friends today I am going to share 25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k.

Many of my friends who are doing jobs wants to start their own business, but they don’t know which business to start? Which business will be profitable? And so on.

Apart from this they can’t leave there jobs also because of family commitment. So if you are also in same situation then you are at correct place. Today I am going to share few ideas which you can start without quitting your current job.

So first select the field or industry in which you want to go ahead with your business. Then work out on below ideas based on your interest and be your own boss.


Below are fields which I shortlisted to start with i.e.

  • Movies , Media and Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Jobs and Education
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion trends
  • Travel and tourism


25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k


Before I start just want to share business model and earning potential

Business model & Earning potential:

The best way to make money from all of my ideas is by the display ads. However you can make a great income from affiliate marketing as well.

Revenue generated from advertisement is similar to that of entertainment industry. Whole project can be executed by a single person with a dedication of one year. By means of it you can make your living comfortable by earning handsome amount. If you have capability of making business successful then it will provide you several lakhs & crores per year.


1) Movie, Entertainment and Media

If you are entertaining person or love to read news article then this field is definitely for you. There are uncountable opportunities in this field and you can start working on any of the below ideas


25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k


Idea 1) Bollywood News :

Several channels exist that provide news of bollywood but still the market is not saturated you can start a channel that provide new related to bollywood such as movies reviews, interesting stories and facts about the celebrities that people keen to know. Success depends onto the promotion capabilities

Idea 2) Startup News :

You can provide the news of several startups in order to gather the information you can take the interviews of startup founders in one particular area and promote that topic whole month. If you are having a mind of entrepreneur then you will be innovative at each step of career

Idea 3) News and Trends :

The name itself is self explanatory in this pick any current news like latest cricket news and curate the interesting facts around the news and make the next cricket news channel.You will see reach to a thousand of readers from Facebook(Without spending money on marketing)

Idea 4) Curating the News :

Since there exist a different media and each one put the news in different way. You can curate the news from different news channel and display it at once place. The reader will be happy by getting all the news at one place.

Idea 5) Check fake News :

There are so many information available on the internet and it seems difficult to find fake and genuine information. You can come up with the system that can validate the whether the news is fake or genuine?

There are many news channel now days coming with this kind of programs like “VIRAL SACH” and all.

Idea 6) Stock market and business News :

This is the great opportunity if you have interest in the stock market and business then you can provide the useful information to the investors. People only trust to whom that provide them profitable information therefore try to become good source of information and enhance the opportunity.

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2) Technology

This is my favorite topic because I am also working on this. You can start working on any of the below ideas


25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k

Idea 7) Tech News :

If you are a tech lover and spend most of the time in reading the latest trend then you can start your own business. You can perform the deep analysis of various software technologies, tools, design techs and you need to keep yourself updated about which trend is covering the market and accordingly you can update your readers

Idea 8) Gadget trends :

If you passionate about the technologies then definitely you will also have passion to know about the new gadgets in the market and their pros and cons. You can also explore the extended scope of the product such as you can make exclusive news portal for the Apple products only. Be sure about the quality of the content you provide so that whenever any new search done then your portal become first source of contact.

Idea 9) Tech blog :

If you are passionate about writing then you can start your own blog. You can write blog on any technology. If you have something in mind then search for the keyword and write the blog on your topic. This will bring maximum audience and increase your business.

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Idea 10) Start a deal/coupon/discount selling company :

For the Indian customers deal and coupons are the primary motivation. There are many sellers in the market who provide good deals and coupons. You can also make the good money if you know how to target the right audience by appropriate searching of deal and coupons.

Idea 11) Start shopping affiliate blog :

Shopping affiliate blog is good idea to start any business. You can get idea about affiliate website and how to make money through it by several study material available on the internet.

Idea 12) Keeping record of the government’s achievements(Politics News) :

At the time of elections political party make several promises to the people and never fulfill these promises after succeeding in the election. You can make a platform where you can influence the government to fulfill these promises and also you can keep the record of these promises and maintain information regarding the progress and keep the readers updated.

3) Jobs & Education

This is never ending field. Always people look for jobs and students and their parents look for your advice. So you can start working on any of the below ideas

25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k


Idea 13) Help in cracking competitive exams :

You can start a startup to train the students on how to crack the competitive exams as market is not saturated yet.

Idea 14) Help in getting government jobs :

Millions of people prepare for government jobs exam if you have idea about the exam then you can help them to clear the exam. In this business you will never face the lack of audience as every year many people prepare for the exam.

Idea 15) Career Counselling :

Students are still confused regarding selection of their career after 12th .If you posses capability to provide good guidance to the students about their career then you can start a business into it and help the students in  building their future.

Idea 16) Hiring and firing :

There is a rule for running successful startup “Hire slow and fire fast when you are in a doubt”. If you know how to hire a right candidate for the startup then you can prove beneficial for most of the startups that are in the stage of losing their values due to the bad hiring processes. You can come up with your own innovative ideas in order to select the right candidate for the right job position.

4) Marketing

Every business needs people who market their product. So you can start working on any of the below ideas


25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k


Idea 17) Digital marketing (paid + free) :

Digital marketing is all about how you drive the traffic to your website through Facebook Ads and Google Ads. On the other hand content marketing is concern about organic growth with the help of videos, articles and graphics. If a person brings one lead at cost of Rs 100 then the digital marketing expert bring the lead at a cost of Rs 50.Digital marketing is more focus on to the understanding of data and optimize the cost. Digital marketing is possible to learn in a month and you can begin your own digital marketing agency.

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Idea 18) Startups and marketing :

Success of online business depends on the content marketing. If you possess experience in marketing and start ups then you can get many idea in order to setup the new business. You can also assist entrepreneurs in setting up their business, setting up the marketing, hiring, increasing sales and management of project

Idea 19) Teach how to sell :

You can also build the career by selling the product if you have experience then you can help the startups. You can also start your own blog for the purpose of helping the other people in selling their products. In the blog you can mention the different strategies used for selling the product or to increase the sale of particular product.

Idea 20) Design for startups :

If you have good observation and you observe the startup closely then you can generate new idea daily and you can start a startup for startups. For any startup the design of website and app is the biggest challenge. You can provide the startup with high quality design at a reasonable price.


5) Healthcare

This is the new field in which you can start. Even I also search for side effect of any medicine online and more. So you can start working on any of the below ideas


25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k

Idea 21) Reviews on doctors :

Doctors possess responsibility of one’s life and honest reviews of doctors are very important. You can start a company that will provide honest reviews about the doctors so that patients can make the informed decisions by seeing the failures and successes of doctors.

Idea 22) Health tips :

Now days people are very conscious about their health. So you can also start blog or page which gives heath tips to your users like how to reduce weight and all. You can also limit yourself here like Men’s Health tips,Women’s Health tips, Pregnancy tips and many more.

6) Fashion trends

This is also new field to start. As people now days are more conscious on their life style. So you can start working on any of the below ideas    

25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k

Ideas 23) Fashion trends :

This is the best opportunity for the young generation who are easily fascinated by the current trends in the market. When we talk about the fashion then first thing come into mind is western fashion but you can also get the success Indian fashion trends like Sarees, Lancha, and Kurtas that are all time favorite for Indian women. You can help them for choosing online by focusing onto the latest trends and by focusing on the design opted by the few celebrities. 

7) Travel and tourism

Generally people loves travelling even I also want to travel whole world. Now days people use to plan their holidays by first searching on internet. So you can start working on any of the below ideas

25 Amazing Online Business Ideas To Start Under 5k


Idea 24) Virtual tour :

You can start a virtual tour guide for the user. People will definitely love this as I didn’t find anything like this.

Idea 25 ) Hotel Review :

People always get confused in hotel booking like whether it will be suitable for ladies or not. So you can start a platform which should give all this information on hotels but it should be genuine.


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