Big Data Future After 5 Years

What will be Big Data Future After 5 Years? Since everyone will be agreeing on the fact that big data has moved the business world by storm but what is next?

Is data will continue to grow?

What technologies will develop around it?

There are several questions about the big data here I am trying to give the answers of some of the questions. So today I am going to share some of the predictions about big data i.e.


Big Data Future after 5 years
Future of Big Data

Data Volumes will continue to increase:

Generation of data is nonstop process. In future also there will be continue generation of data and we will continue generating large volumes of data by considering the fact that number of handheld devices, internet and connected devices are expected to grow in nearby future, Hence in terms of data and its volumes, Big data future after 5 years not only 5 years it will always everlasting.

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Analysis tools will emerge:

Recently Microsoft MSFT +0.34% and sales force announced the feature that will enable the non coders to create the app to view the business data. So big data future after 5 years will depend on these tools.

Data Analysis strategy will improve:

SQL will still remains the main tool for analysis purpose but Spark will also emerging as a complimentary tool for analysis and in future it will continue to expand.

Real time streaming insights into data will prove hallmarks for data winners to move forward:

Users will become enable to make the real-time decisions by making use of data with the programs like Kafka and Spark.

Machine learning will be top strategic trend:

Ovum and Gartner predicted that machine learning will be an important element for predictive analysis and data preparation for moving the businesses forward.

Business analytics software all include prescriptive analytics:

According to IDC half of the business analytics software will include intelligence that will be the primary need in future.


Big Data Future after 5 years
Big Data Future after 5 years

Big data will face challenges related to privacy:

Several challenges and issues related to privacy will be faced by the big data in nearby future. According to Gartner by 2018, 50% business ethics violation will be related to data only.

Autonomous agents and things will be the huge trend:

In the future there will be huge demand of robots, virtual personal assistants, smart advisers and autonomous vehicles.

Maximum companies will hire Chief data officer:

According to the Forrester there will be the requirement of CD to look after the rise in prominence in short-term, whereas some businesses and generation difference see less requirement of them in future.

Big data talent crunch may ease:

There is possibility of simplification in big data talent crunch as companies use new tactics. In future companies will use to recruit and give internal training to get their personnel problems solved.

Company data will run the business:

In future most companies will try to drive value and revenue from their data

Big Data staffing shortages will expand:

According to IDC there will be the requirement of architects and experts in data management apart from the analysts and scientists.

Algorithm market will expand:

In future businesses will focus on purchasing of algorithms instead of programming them and will add their own data. Existing services such as Algorithm, Data Xu, and Kaggle are expected to grow and multiply.

Will use data as service business model:

Most of the businesses will monetize their data.

Cognitive technology will be the new trend in the market:

For most of the businesses the link between analytics and cognitive computing will become strong in the same way that businesses see similarities between big data and analytics.

Actionable and Fast data will replace big data:

This emphasizes on the fact that companies should not only focus on one particular data they should make use of any data whether it is big or something else. There is chance in future that fast and actionable data will take over the big data.


No one can tell about future but these predictions about big data may be helpful for those businesses that are still planning to rely on big data.

Definitely Big Data Future after 5 years is big and the companies those are not adopting big data will left behind in the race of success. Hope this article will be beneficial for you.

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