Five Simple Ways To Increase Traffic On Your Site or Blog

Hello Friends today in this blog I am going to tell you about five different ways by which you can increase the traffic on your blog/site

1. Be strategic about your content

In order to increase the blog traffic first thing you require to do is to create the better content since content is a king. Better content not only meant by the quality of the content but also to being more strategic with your content marketing effort. A good content is one that satisfies the need of the reader. For that you need to analyze your audience and what your audience love to read/write then make the content accordingly.Contents are of different types such as cool,funny,useful,educational and many more. There are some points you need to be follow while creating content for your blog:

Try to create evergreen content: Evergreen content is the content that last forever for example if you post about the current year film fare award nominations then it will go useless after sometimes but if you post the contents regarding some useful tips about how to cure a particular disease then this content will last forever.

Create Catchy headline: As a blog creator your headline should be in such a way that should catch the attention of your blog audience. Headline is the first thing that is read by the reader in the blog so always keep in mind that your blog heading should be catchy and awesome. If your content is good but heading is shabby then your content will die shortly. You can also do the experiment with the headline by inserting different headline to the same content and then evaluate which headline works better.

Create a Newsletter to Showcase Your Best Blog Posts: For your content strategy promotion plays a very important role. For increasing traffic to your blog posts one of the easiest way is to collect maximum number of emails that will be utilize for your blog  newsletter. Once you are done with contact collection part then you can send them newsletter focusing your best blog post weekly or monthly. By this way also you can bring back the already familiar members to your website. Since these are already visitors of your website so they will always in search of new blog or content onto your website.

2.Don’t Fear the Keywords

If you want to drive a large number of traffic to your website then keyword and SEO play a role of trumpcard. People who wants to do blogging but get nervous when hear the term SEO but if SEO is done in a right way then it proves to be very beneficial. By this way you will get targeted traffic from the Google and the users will find the relevant information and answers for which they are searching for on web.

Use long Tail keywords: Long Tail keywords are search phrases composed of 3+keywords.Long Trail keywords are easily targeted as there is less competition for these keywords. Targeting Long Tail keywords provide you with a chance of getting top SERP spot in Google. Example suppose your business is health food then instead of using keyword health food you can use the long tail keyword such as “health food on budget” or the “health food meal plans” will get more traffic .

How to find Long Tail Keywords: How on Google you will find these long tail keywords then start typing in a phrase and see what Google auto complete suggestions are? See in the picture




Next use some of those terms into Google and scroll down to see some Google’s related search suggestions (You will find these suggestions at the bottom of the page) see in the picture.


Whatever long term phrases you have come up with and put these phrases into Google keyword planner. In the Google keyword planner you can see which phrase drives most traffic. The keyword that drive more traffic then create the content around that keyword

SEO Word press Plugins for Bloggers: Some great word press plugins are designed to help the bloggers with SEO these plugin help your URL easy to set up, also help you to build perfect Meta description, setting up the sitemaps and so on. Two mostly used plug-in are:

  • Word press SEO by Yoast
  • All in one SEO pack

3.Optimize for Speed and Mobile

Your website visitors will not wait for your next blog to upload if you are not providing the content speedily to meet the viewers expectation then your site visitors will switch to some other website wherever they find relevant information. There may be chances that your visitor may select your competitors for their search. You can check your site speed by Google’s page speed Insights tool. This tool will provide you with a check on your site speed score and also provide the tips that how you can increase your site speed.

Another important aspect is that current users spend around 3 hours a day on their mobile phones and tablets. Bloggers do not have idea about this fact or about going mobile. Many word press plugins are available that provide you the mean of creating version of your blog that is optimized for the mobile devices. These plugins are:

  • WPtouch Mobile plugin
  • Jetpack by WordPress

4.Stay Tuned

Good behavior always go long way online. If you want to increase your blog traffic then you require to maintain the good relationships with the people or with the other bloggers in your niche. Sometimes you require patching up with your enemies. Try to involve in the various communities and comment onto the other blog.

Consider interviewing to major industry loggers or include other bloggers in the “best of” post. Once you have blogger cited or featured in one of your post then tag them in a tweet to let them know. As a result of it blogger will re tweet and share a post mentioning them due to this more traffic and more share will be generated. If you link to your own blog post then it sounds great for the SEO but remember to link to the outside sources as well. This signifies to Google that you are not faking something you are a genuine blogger and want to build the strong relationship with the other blog you are linking with.

5.Promote where you find more audience

While promoting your blog you are require to be very strategic that where you are spending your time. Make you presence at various social networking sites. Do the deep analysis on which social network working best for your blog promotion and move ahead with that social network. If you want to drive the blog traffic then you require to find out where your flock hangs out.

Make use of Google analytics in order to find out the website that drives most referral traffic. Find the forums and websites where your target audience visit and become active on that particular site or forum by continues engagement in discussion, posting links and comments. If you don’t want to be a spam poster then try to become a valuable member of community that shares some valuable information. Example if someone want to have the healthy meal plan then go ahead and source them to your blog by showing them your blog has relevant information .Once you find out your key network then make those key networks unworthy and minimize the social sharing button n a given page as too many choices confuse the user and also push the user into stress whereas we think that more choices are better but this is not the case user feel happy with less number of options instead of more options. There are two share buttons in the up worthy these are Facebook and the twitter you get the more benefit by limiting the social sharing selection to the site as shown below:

Want More Blog Traffic? Just Ask.

More blog traffic then just ask: Sometimes for what you want you need to ask for that. If you want more traffic onto your blog then just ask the people to promote the blog ahead.

Author: Poonam Kaushal

A blogger and passionate writer who always try to introduce new concepts to readers.Involved in blogging since 2014 and believe in “No pain No gain” if you have to achieve something then you need to work hard.Working as freelance blogger in many companies and also managing her own blog that you all know

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