Get Started with Google Assistant

Get Started with Google Assistant : Google recently launch its new Feature known as Google assistant. Google assistant will make the kids polite by thanking them whenever they will say please to anyone it is same as that of the Amazon feature that is bringing in Alexa voice assistant. Google assistant will behave like an assistant for a human being. Soon assistant will talk to normal person at their businesses in order to complete their tasks such as reservation in restaurant but Google assistant is still under development. Google confirmed that it will come with the technology called Duplex as an experiment in future.

You can search the things and get it done with the help of Google assistant by simply asking a question or to tell to do the things.


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If compare with Google Now then Google assistant is more smarter. Google assistant not only provide service support in more than one language but also in future will provide third party integration that means it will allow you to control your entire digital life not only your Google life. It is similar to the Google now in the manner of asking questions and getting answers.

Get Started with Google Assistant

What Exactly Google Assistant is?

Google assistant is basically a virtual assistant that will work on your behalf.It is developed by the Google .Currently available for mobile and smart home devices.


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Google assistant is available in many languages for Android phones and tablets. Languages in which Google assistant available are Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean.Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and German.


To use Google assistant you require a phone or tablet with:

  • Google app 6.13 or higher
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Google play services
  • 4 GB memory
  • 720p screen resolution
  • Set Device language to language known by Google assistant (Mentioned above)

How to start Google Assistant or How to Get Started with Google Assistant

For Android devices (Except Pixel)
  • Open the Google app
  • On Home screen tap Menu>settings
  • In Google Assistant tap settings>turn on
For Pixel Phones
  • Touch and hold home button or say “OK Google”
  • If asked you want to start Google assistant then tap turn on

How to start a conversation with Google assistant

  • Touch and hold the home button and say “OK Google”
  • Say a command or ask any question
  • Hey Google also works on some phone

How to open Google assistant app

  • First get the Google assistant app on your phone or tablet
  • Open the Google assistant app
  • Ask a question or say a command

Get Started with Google Assistant

Things you can do with Google Assistant

You can get local information such as
  • Weather: What is weather today?
  • Food: Find Biryani restaurant nearby?
  • Navigation: Navigate the home
You can communicate through Google assistant
  • Call: Call office. Call Alex on speaker phone. Make video call
  • SMS:Text I will be late to Alex
  • Email: Send an email
  • Whatsapp:Send a Whatsapp message to Alex
You can Plan your day through Google assistant
  • Alarm: Tell Google assistant to set alarm for you
  • Traffic: How about traffic to work
  • Reminders: Remind me to complete iron when I reached home.
  • Flights: Is flight 63541 on time?
  • Reservation: Make reservation for two at hotel Taj.

You can control your home

  • Lights: Put off lights of living room
  • Control temperature: Lower the temperature to 3 degrees
Enjoy with Google Assistant
  • Get to know your assistant: Do you dream? What is your favourite colour?
  • Games: Play game with assistant
  • Entertainment: Ask Google assistant to tell any joke or something interesting to have fun. You can also ask Google assistant for more ideas.
Media and Photos
  • Photos: Show my pics of Europe
  • YouTube: Play paneer recipe on YouTube
  • Music: Play some Jazz music and switch to next song
You can ask multiple questions to Google Assistant some examples are:
  • Game updates: Who won the today’s match
  • Dictionary: What does Ardent means?
  • Calculation: What is 5% of 228?
  • Translation: How to say how are you in Hindi?
  • Search: Search for winter holidays place?
  • Find Images: Search images of pets?
  • Answer on web: How to clean kitchen chimney at home?

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