Google is About To Launch Landmark Based Navigation In India

Google is About To Launch Landmark Based Navigation In India : We all aware that this is an era of digitization where every work completes by the tap of a smart phone.

Without Smartphone we cannot imagine our lives in today’s era. We all somehow dependent on one or more technology. For the commuters Google map is like a gift sent from the above.

Most of the people depends on to the Google map to reach from one place to the another place and in very few case it might be inaccurate, but most of the time Google map gives the correct way to reach the destination.


Google is About To Launch Landmark Based Navigation In India

Multiple Google apps reported the new feature that is Google map app now gives or suggests the directions by using landmarks ,earlier Google map uses the name of roads. Landmarks will make the process to find destination easier. As per the report of Engadget “The highlighting landmarks is only the one method that is under testing in order to make the guidance better.”Report also states that it is not clear that when or whether this feature will be available for the large number of people.


Google is About To Launch Landmark Based Navigation In India

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If we see the current Google map then it is mechanical than human like it gives the direction like turn left, turn right and go straight but with this update Google map will become more like human.

Like human gives the direction by telling landmarks e.g. you will find Alex home near to temple. People usually use landmarks for providing direction to each other.

This feature existence on Google map reported by many users and observed by users the feedback also reported on the twitter.

There is no confirm information about the region where this feature tested or not .Moreover whether this is a part of any advertising scheme by Google.

This feature for sure will benefit many users .What do you think please share your views on this new Google map feature.

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