Google Map tricks you should know

Google Map tricks you should know

Google has become an important part of people’s lives. It offers many services and products that are unmatched.We can say world without Google is like people without spine.

Google map is one of the most commonly used features of Google. People who travel a lot mostly use Google map for their reference and company also updates its features periodically for its loyal users. Despite of multiple uses of Google maps people use only some.

Here listing some of the Google map tricks that you can use and show to your friends.

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Google Map tricks you should know

Offline maps

One of the best advantages of Google map is that you can download a particular section of map. If you have any old Smartphone then that you can use as a GPS in your vehicle either bike or car.

App provides you with horizontal selection tool on the offline maps and also tells the amount of space being used. When connected to WI-FI the downloaded map automatically get updated.

Google Map tricks you should know

Set the Default address

In Google map you can set your home or work address as a default address. Benefit of adding default address is that you can quickly start navigation and when you are at work you will get alert about the traffic condition in your area so accordingly you can plan your travel.

Google Map tricks you should know

Location Sharing

Google introduced the feature location sharing. If you are in a small town then finding location is not a big task but if you are in mesh up location then it’s quite difficult for your friends and relatives to find your location or reach out to you. You can simply share the location with them. They can reach you by following your shared location on map.

Google Map tricks you should know

Find Places and Businesses Nearby

By Google map you can easily find the places nearby but it all depends on your keyword that you use for search. It helps in case when you have nothing stocked in your kitchen and suddenly your relative called up for coming then you can use Google map to search nearby restaurant or grocery stores. Google map has solution for your entire distance problem.

Google Map tricks you should know

Zoom the map

Zooming prove to be difficult on map while you are navigating. You can double tap the map or the section of the map that you want to dive into that section will get automatically zoom into the map. In order to continue zooming double tap again on the screen, but be sure that your thumb should be on the screen. Now you can manually zoom out and zoom in the map.

Google Map tricks you should know

Train and Bus in your city

Google map provide you with the timing of bus and trains in your city. When you put the pickup and drop location then you can simultaneously search for the availability of buses and trains between two points of travel. Google map gives you exact time and number of bus and trains that you will get for particular destination along with the time taken.

Google Map tricks you should know

Own Movements Tracking

Suppose you are at a place and do not remember the name or location then you need not to worry Google map keeps track of your movements every single day. Heading over to maps there is an option of timeline. Google map tell you the place at which you are on the routes you travelled to reach that place. If the map captured wrong data then you can update and delete that data.

Google Map tricks you should know

Become Local guide

If the user participates in the Google surveys then Google provides the rewards. Same with Google map in form of ‘Local guides’.

For this you need to sign up in the reward program and require to give the details regarding your locality such as shops missing at that place, update business reviews on places you visit like hotels and restaurants. You can also post the images of the places you visit and can earn from the app for the contributions you made.

Google Map tricks you should know

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