How To Convert Your Normal TV Into Smart TV Through Chromecast

It seems to be impossible to convert ordinary LED TV into smart TV but now it is possible by simple device called Chromecast.

But How To Convert Your Normal TV Into Smart TV Through Chromecast.

In this blog I will cover all important points related to Chromecast that you should know and that will also help you in making decision while purchasing TV for your home.

If a single device can make your TV Smart TV then why go for Smart TV.


Digital media streaming from mobile devices and computers to HDTVs is possible by means of Chromecast developed by Google.

It is 2.83 inch (72 mm) dongle that help in playing audio/video content on HDTV by streaming the content via Wi-Fi from the local network or the internet.

Google chrome web browser is available through which people can select the media to play on their television and can also make the selection by the supported app on their mobile devices.

In July 2013 this device was launched and on the same day people were able to purchase the device. Initially the price was $35 along with the promotion of Netflix that provided free access for three months.

Even the existing Netflix customers can avail the benefit. $8 is the monthly subscription for Netflix,, and Google’s playstore are some merchants from where you can purchase Google chromecast online.


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How It Works

People require to plug the Chromecast into their HDTV and can control chromecast by their mobile, table or laptops. There is no requirement of any remote.


How To Convert Your Normal TV Into Smart TV Through Chromecast

How to set up Chromecast

First need to connect the Chromecast to HDTV after that need to set up the Chromecast. Setting Google Chromecast is simple you only need to follow the Google guide and whole setup require only 2 minute. After the connection user require to download app of Chromecast on their phone, tablet or computer then follow the below steps:

  • On HDTV select HDMI interface you will observe ‘set me up ‘screen.
  • After you see the screen then launch the Chromecast app that you installed onto the computer, tablet or mobile and start following the prompts. For Windows, Ios, Mac and Android app is readily available. Using standard browser method for setting up the device is comparatively easy than that of the app method.
  • Users of tablet and phone need to disconnect their device from home Wi-Fi network and establish direct connection to the chromecast.4 digit code required to enter for setting up the first time.
  • In order to establish the connection Wi-Fi need to connected or disconnected for a couple of times. But overall setting up the Chromecast is quite easy.

Google’s view on Chromecast

  • The easy way to enjoy music and online videos on TV
  • Whatever is your favorite entertainment online you can enjoy the same on your high-definition TV such as TV shows,movies,music or else from YouTube, Google play Movies and music and chrome. No need to further struggle with small screens and tiny speakers.Chromecast get automatically updated with increase in number of applications.

Industry view on Chromecast

  • Chromecast is low cost device introduced by Google for TV streaming.
  • Out of reach hardware issue is fixed by chromecast by selling in rock bottom price and implementation is also easy. You simply require to plug HDMI cable into your television in order to use the Chromecast.

Google Chromecast streams YouTube and Netflix to your TV by making use of ios tablets and Android as remotes. By chrome cast android users also get access to Google movie, TV and music.Chromecast is available in very small size that helps it easily to hide behind the TV.



Streaming devices industry Competitive landscape

Several platforms are available nowadays for delivering the content online by using apps such as Apple TV,Roku,Smart TVs and console of video games like play station and xbox.HDMI cable are made available for connecting the internet connected device such as smartphones,PCs,laptops,tablets to the TV in order to directly stream the content. Google differentiates the Chromecast from its competitors in the following ways:

  • Chromecast is low cost device that focus on all value on the software and hence the ecosystem.
  • Use of Chromecast is simple; you only require to plug Chromecast into TV in HDMI port through the existing wi-fi network or the wireless device.
  • Chromecast supports multiple platforms including iOS, Windows, Android and Mac whereas AppleTV supports only Ios and Mac devices with deep integration.

Chromecast Limitations

Despite of many advantages of Chromecast some limitations are also associated with chromecast that are discussed below:

Chromecast System Requirements

Before making purchase to Chromecast you must be aware of the following system requirements

Minimum System Requirements Streaming Quality: High Streaming Quality: Standard
Windows Vista

Windows 7 &8

2nd generation core i5.3rd/4th generation core i5 processor or equivalent Core i3 or equivalent
Apple OS X 10.6,10.7,10.8 Mac book pro 2011 or newer,Macbook Air 2012 or newer Macbook Pro 2010

Macbook Air 2011

Chrome OS Chrome book pixel Coming soon: Samsung chrome book
Windows XP


Casting a tab not supported this time Casting a tab not supported this time


Chromecast Hates Your Corporate VPN

If you want to use the Chromecast by secure corporate VPN during your travel or through the proxy server then it is not possible, Chromecast cannot communicate with your laptop over these networks as per Google. This is point for noticing for the travelers who wish to use Chromecast in hotel rooms without exposing themselves on potentially risky hotel wifi. You require to use your Chromecast with HDMI compatible TV by assuming that network is fast enough for streaming and also you should not mind of going unprotected.

Chromecast requires separate power source

Chromecast dongle requires its own power source this cannot be considered a limitation but sometimes it creates complication in case when you are having multiple gadgets plugged in and you do to have any other free outlet behind your entertainment system. If in your HDTV there exists USB ports then you can also make use of that port to supply the power to your Chromecast.

Chromecast doesn’t work properly with 5GHz or Dual-Band 2.4GHz/5GHz Routers

Users with 5GHz or dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz face the performance issues according to Google.

Chromecast Mobile Apps Only for Android and iOS.

Mobile apps can also be used for sending the contents form Smartphone or tablet to Chromecast mobile app in addition to casting from the browser. At this time Android and iOS mobile platforms are available with Chromecast mobile apps.For Windows and Blackberry phone users this facility not available.

Chromecast Casting Doesn’t Support Full 1080p Streaming

It is not possible to stream full 1080p HD content from browser tab to your chromecast.Chromecast supports 720p by default that you can extend upto”Extreme 720p high bitrate”.

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