How to Create Blog

How to Create Blog Or How to start a blog ? This question always comes in my mind when I was planning to start my blog. Then I searched lot on google and finally I started “”.

“If you are fond of writing then you can start blogging this blog shows you how you can create the blog”

So I am sharing my experience especially for those who want step-by-step instructions in an easy and simple format.

My goal is to explain the necessary steps to start successful blogging with no technical experience.

Reasons to Start a Blog

Making money from Home: By blogging one can easily earn the money by sitting at home. You can opt blogging as a fulltime or part-time profession. I prefers blogging as a full-time.

Write a Book: Publisher in today’s scenario rarely work with the author to sell their books those author do not have their online existence , selling books become easier only through the contacts. But in blogging this is not the case publisher can sell the book or write by using blog.

Business Exposure: By means of blog one can target the larger number of audience by just sitting at home this provides an exposure to the business.

Write for yourself: If one has passion of writing and want to share some information that proves to profitable or effective for others then he/she can go for blogging for sharing their ideas, stories and many more.

How to Create Blog

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Step 1: Decision on what to blog about

If you associated with any business, organization and the company then it becomes easy to decide on what to blog about because in that case blog include on any product, service or anything that you want to promote but in case when you are an individual in that case blog should on any topic depends on the interest of the blogger. ”Because more you enjoy more you do”. But in that case you should very conscious about selecting therefore remember following points while selecting:

  • Write blog onto something that you enjoy
  • Write a blog on something that has plenty of rooms for the discussion
  • Select a topic in such a way in which you can establish yourself as an independent identity.

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform

There are many services available for starting a blog some of them are free and some of them are chargeable. You can make use of any of the available services but one of the famous thing is that what you spend that what you get means if you spend more you will earn more therefore not go for the money spend on to the services require just opt the service in order to make your blog more attractive and represent able.

Word press is one of the common platform available to start a blog or website with this you can include the flexibility and more functionalities into your blog. If you go for free service in that case the functionalities provided are limited. WordPress platform is easy to use I will suggest to use a WordPress platform to start a blog. Press there are two options that confuse the people therefore I am giving explanation to these options here:

Hosted: WordPress blogs are often referred to as “WordPress blogs”.

Self Hosted: WordPress blogs are often referred to as “WordPress blogs.” Here you have to search the for the space to host your blog(step 3 will show you in detail) .

This shows how to create self hosted blog of WordPress.

Step 3: Find a host

Finding a host means to obtain the server space for your site if you obtain the server space for your site then this helps others to find your site.

Host basically stores all the files related to the blogs from the starting and provides these files to the user whenever they type in your domain name. Web host required in order to have the blog. Selection of bad host results into the user frustration due to slow download speed therefore one needs to very careful while selecting the host. There are many web host from which you can buy the space but my suggestion is BlueHost.

There are following advantages of using bluehost :

  • It provides simple free installation of all popular blogging tools that include wordpress also
  • Recommended by wordpress since 2005 currently hosting more than two millions websites
  • 24/7 customer service provided by blue host through the phone ,chat, email
  • Money back guarantee is also given by them if unsatisfied with the service provided.

Note : If you are first time blogger then I would suggest go for Linux-based shared hosting because of its security and performance.

Here is the steps along with the snapshots to find the host and how to buy the space for your blog and the website:

1.When the blue host page open click onto the green button that is get started now

How to Create Blog

2. After that plan selection page will get open from that you can select the plan that you want for your blog or web site. In plus plan maximum unlimited features you will find but in all the plans you will get one year subscription with one domain name. If you do not have enough budget then you can start with the basic plan that can upgraded later.

How to Create Blog

Any plan can activated by simply clicking on to the green select button.

How to Create Blog

Step 4: Select a domain name

Next step in order to start a blog is to find or pick a suitable domain name blue host provide with the option by which you can opt a suitable domain name for your blog and the website .Domain name is the address of the particular site example When you write a domain name in the address bar then that particular website get opened in the below figure  two options are given if you already have the domain name then go for the right option or if you do not have any existing domain name then go for the left option. Select the extension like .com,.org ,.edu and many more from the drop down list

The following points needs to remember while selecting the domain name:

  • Always try to select .com as a first extension before selecting any other extension such as .org, and so.
  • Select the domain name in such a way that it should easy to speak ,remember,share and spell
  • Avoid including numbers,hyphens,confusing words in the domain name.
  • If you do not find a suitable name from available list then try to use the phrase
1.Sign up by selecting the domain name

How to Create Blog

After this Account information page will get opened in that you require to enter your all details be careful while writing the email address because all communication carried out via the email

2.Enter account information

How to Create Blog

3.Select the plan

Since different packages are available you can select from any of the plan subscription is available for one ,two or three years you can go for any of this some addons are also available you can go for that too but I recommend only to go for domain privacy protection as it is the need of any blogger to protect their personal information.Charges of addon mentioned separately .

How to Create Blog

4.Enter information for billing

Next step is to enter your account details for billing and check the details once ,check the agreement and then only click on submit button.

How to Create Blog

5.Check Email

After successful billing one confirmation mail will sent to your mail id along with the login credentials that need to remember for future use.

This login credential used in the bluehost control panel for the login purpose.At the right corner login button shown click on that button for login

How to Create Blog

6.Login with your Login credentials

How to Create Blog

Step 5 Install wordpress

After login into the control panel click on the  icon of install WordPress that is under the heading website builders

How to Create Blog

How to Create Blog
After selecting install WordPress you will get the window of WordPress installation click on that tab then the installation process of WordPress will begin

How to Create Blog

Select the name of domain if it is not already selected and do not write anything under directory option unless you have some valid reason to create the sub folder,then click on check domain tab

How to Create Blog

Check the show advanced option box and then enter the name for your site this name should not same to that of the domain name. Select admin username do not select admin as a username in this field. After this select a strong password that will use for login into the WordPress after installation. Enter valid email address and then read the term and check onto the agree terms box.Click onto the install now button.

Remember your login credentials such as username and the password.

After the installation of WordPress the success indication appear. Please keep note of the information that help in accessing new WordPress site,These information are also shared via the email.

How to Create Blog

Step 6 Designing and Using blog

After following all these steps you will become the owner of self hosted WordPress site.

Now you can design the blog according to you and can explore the business.

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