How To Deal With Layoff In IT

Today I am going to share How To Deal With Layoff In IT.

As per report nearly 56000 people already affected by this Layoff in India and more has to come.

So How To Deal With Layoff In IT ? Will share 1 real incident

Few days back I talked to one of my friend and she was in stress.She told me that her employer a major player in investment and banking is in position of firing hundreds of employees and she was feeling that next number will be her despite having been a good performer.

She asked about any opening in my contact at that time only I realized why people are so worried about layoff if they have talent then no layoff can destroy their career.

Recently I had word with my friend and she started working in other company with comparatively higher package than before.If you have the confidence then layoff is only the word.

Here in this blog I am sharing few facts that need to follow if you want to get rid of the layoff situation.

Accept the truth

Layoff happens not only with the employee with poor performance but also the employee with good performance face the layoff.

How To Deal With Layoff In IT

As one of my friend worked in several companies not only the company in India but also the company of Europe and US and the fact is that as the industries matures then requirement of employees reduced as they do not need as many employees as they once did.

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Every business faces the cycles of adversity and prosperity. Due to this many employees are laid off time to time the reason is that industries never faced the challenge like this before.

Here in this situation the simple thing is that you must be mentally prepare and accept the reality.

Take responsibility

Who is responsible for your career? Your boss? Employer? CIO or VP?

How To Deal With Layoff In IT

No only you are the one who has responsibility of your career. Proactive employee is one who stands alone in the market and drives his or her career.

He or she manages the career by remaining in contact with manager in order to set goals for the quarter, for the year and even for the next 2 to 3 years.

Employee also get the mentor that prepare the plan for career positioning and growth in collaboration with employee.

Keep on learning and growing

Learning is a never-ending process. When it comes to growth then star employee is measured on the basis of confidence, articulate speaker and good presenter.

How To Deal With Layoff In IT


It is very important to involve in the presentations. Try to learn the fundamentals of analytics, ERP, Digital, Artificial intelligence and machine learning even these field are not involved into your work.

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Always learn the latest things in your field make the discussion group and improve the emotional intelligence skills.

Do not rely on your employer always try to learn something new by your own in your spare time, even if your employer not helping you for acquiring new skills.

If you have any other suggestion based on your experience then please feel free to share here?

You need to proactive to achieve success in future do not wait for it start today only.

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