How To Earn Money Through Facebook

“Do you know you can earn money through Facebook as well but Earning money through Facebook is not a fortnight process.

Here in this blog “How To Earn Money Through Facebook” I am discussing some of the ways through which you can earn descent money from Facebook”.

How To Earn Money Earn Money Through Facebook Page

If you are good at blogging then share your content through the Facebook page. Share the content at best time best time is when maximum of your fans are online. You earn the money for every 1000 view, if you get 1000 click then you earn minimum $1.

There are some point you must be careful for earning money through Facebook:

  • You must be very sure about making money through Facebook you should be well aware about your potential. Example affiliate marketing page will provide you a good earning like Amazon.
  • Start sharing your content on your Facebook page your content should be in such a way that people should read or write or share your content. If you are not consistent in your work then people on Facebook will forget you so timely generate the content or keep engaging the people on Facebook. If you are busy somewhere then you can schedule your post by using the app like buffer and Hootsuite this will help you page to be active and will keep running.
  • For marketing relationship building is very important you get the payment by the promotion or by sponsored post. Sponsored post are those posts for which you get money from the company for promoting their product or services on your Facebook page. By posting links of brand also you can earn money.
  • If you have good fan following on Facebook and people use to see your post then you can go for affiliate programs. Some of the famous affiliate providers are amazon, shareasale, cj, clickbank.


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How To Earn Money Through Facebook by Selling Products


For selling product on Facebook, Facebook provides a feature called make an offer use that feature for purpose of selling the product


How to Earn Money Through Facebook

In the link box insert the link of your product and also mention the discount offer on the product or any coupon is there then give the coupon code.

You can also make the use of affiliate link from any e-commerce site and can attach the coupon code. Your fan through the link will start buying the product and you will earn through the affiliate.

Paid links can also be inserted from any website like amazon, ebay, flipkart and so on. Be sure before adding link whether the company is providing commission on their earning or not.

You can put the paid links on Facebook from any of the websites, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, or whichever provides a commission on their earning.

This earning can be maximized by promotion on Facebook such as:

  • By giving catchy offer like buy one get one free, buy one get second on 50% discount and so on. Your offer should be in such a way that should beat your competitors
  • By using Facebook paid ads you can promote the offer
  • Make use of influential people or Facebook pages to promote the offer.

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How To Earn Money Through Facebook Freelance Marketer

You can earn around 50% per hour by becoming the freelance Facebook marketer but for becoming freelance Facebook marketer some qualities you require to possess these are as:

  • Make analysis on Facebook stats: A good analysis results in good marketing. You must be capable of performing the data analysis. A successful marketing is a result of good measurement of stats. Like Facebook has their own analytics for pages, Google has its own analytics for websites
  • Make marketing strategies: Any marketing is unsuccessful without the proper strategy or the decision. An effective marketer know about the result of marketing or campaign.
  • Make Facebook friendly content: Post with 40 characters get more engagement than that the post with 80 characters. You must have knowledge about which content post will encourage your marketing.

How To Earn Money Through Facebook by creating Facebook Group

Make a Facebook group with more than 10000 members and try to engage all group members by following different strategies like by keeping conversation with them, by asking relevant question, post images, polls, blog posts and so on.

How To Earn Money Through Facebook by selling your Facebook account

You can earn money from the Facebook by selling your old account. Earlier people use to make more than one account but the marketers more focus on buying the old accounts for the purpose of marketing their products and services.

Old accounts associated with more number of people that targets more audiences for promotional activity.Similarly Facebook page and Facebook group you can also sell to the marketer with a good number of fans

How To Earn Money Through Facebook by creating the Facebook apps


By creating the Facebook apps you can also earn money. By means of app you can earn money by selling the virtual good of self or some other companies.

You can also earn by applying for the banner ads.

You can develop the Facebook app independently.

How To Earn Money Through Facebook Influencer

If you have a profile on face book and you get a good number of likes, views and comments then you can become an influencer.

Becoming an influencer is a good way to earn the money. or are the two sites through which you can signup as an influencer.

After signing up you need to fill a form in which you require to enter your personal details along with some fixed price that you decide as an influencer.

For example you can set the price 4000 for per Facebook post on your page. This way you promotes the particular brand and also provides the market to the company.

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