How to Earn Through YouTube

Do you know YouTube not only provide you platform to watch videos but also you can earn money from it. Earning money from YouTube sounds good but how? So here are some ways that describe how you can make money through YouTube”

YouTube increase traffic for website and the blog

If you have a website and blog and in that the traffic is less then you can make use of YouTube for increasing the traffic that results in increase in money as more traffic more money. Google’s panda , penguin and hummingbird are the way which are used by most of the website if you become unable to use these ways then you feel hurted but nothing to worry about you can go for YouTube by means of it not only new traffic is generated but also increases the traffic for your website and blog. Get start with the creator playbook once all is set up then you can put older contents into the video as well as you can insert new contents when available. Be sure about the video you prepare display your own site in the very first line.

YouTube promotes the product created

Whatever products are created by you the YouTube provides the mean for promoting of those products these products can apps, music, eBooks, and arts and so on. First create the product and then add the product into the shopping cart and use the YouTube for promotion. You can add the link in the video description in the YouTube so that more people will browse and purchase the product.

You tube enables the affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is defined as selling or marketing of others products by taking some commission in exchange .Many large and small companies go for affiliate marketing to promote their products by offering good deals or offers. YouTube also promotes the affiliate marketing one can use YouTube for product promotion main thing in this is to remember that product link should be included in the video description. Click bank, commission junction and are some commonly used affiliate networks that you can join. As an affiliate marketer you can make the tutorial on how to use the particular product or you can display the product in the YouTube video for making money.

YouTube allow you to create TV series

By using the YouTube you can create your own TV shows you can explore your career by increasing the number of vies for your show in YouTube. By you tube you can create variety of TV series such as Drama series, comedy series, and real stories and so on. The maximum limit offer by the YouTube for one video is 15 minutes .If video is longer then require to increase the video limit.TV shoes you can make by taking help of friends or colleagues and can share the profit earned. More views more profit.

Being a YouTube star

One can make a lot of money through the YouTube as BlueXephos get billion channel views. Around $7 is earned on each thousand views that continues to increase by increasing in view number. If you get unique idea and have capability to share with others then YouTube is the best mean you can create your own channel for sharing your view and ideas that let you to become a YouTube star.

Monetize your YouTube video with the partner program

Once you have created several videos then it’s the time to monetize your channel by making use of YouTube partner program after this you will get share of income through the advertisement on youtube.Most of the YouTube stars follow this practice you will be paid for every thousand view. Started. In this first step is to verify your channel.

Share the Knowledge

If you are expertise in a particular area and want to share your knowledge then YouTube is the best platform. You can make your own tutorials and can share on YouTube. Tutorial can be on anything like cooking tutorials, beauty tutorial, language teaching tutorials, nail art tutorials and so on. Michelle Phan share beauty videos on YouTube and get around 1.3 million views. So don’t waste your talent use it on YouTube and make money.

YouTube provide market to test the product or service

If you have some idea about any product or service or you have created some product and service then you can make the market research on your product by making use of YouTube. YouTube audience will tell whether your idea is profitable or not. The views and comments on your product or service video will tell its viability. If funding is required then it is also possible by making use of YouTube create some videos on your product or service and post it on YouTube before actually going into the campaign.

Create metadata for your video

Every minute around one hundred hours video are uploaded into the YouTube therefore you require to do lot of work to make your video visible to the audiences. For this meta data helps a lot.Meta data is the data about your video created. In the creator playbook of YouTube the process of creating Meta data is explained.Meta data help you to stand in a crowd of huge competition. YouTube is considered as world’s second largest search engine therefore need to be very careful in selecting the metadata. Metadata generally includes the title of video, description and tags. In order to increase the presence of video in searching, promotion, ad serving and suggested videos it is require that your metadata should be well optimized. Optimization of video is the only thing that brings the difference between the success and the failure.

Create your own Brand

In 1997 marketing guru Tom peters is pointed out as a “you are a brand and you have power”. YouTube makes your recognition worldwide in the way you are and whatever you are doing get the recognition worldwide and by your own work you earn the money. Even if you are not aware about how to make the money by making use of YouTube then also you can earn the money by simply creating the series of videos of your interest and uploading onto the YouTube.

Turn your child or pet into a star (and make money)

If you do not have singer to sing a beautiful song or an actor to act then there is nothing to worry about. YouTube provides you a chance to upload any kind of video. You can make the video of your child or the pet if you see something funny or cute just shoot that because you never know the demand of market and what people want to see. It may be possible that your video will hit the market and earn lot of money and your child or pet will become a star.



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