How To Make CCTV Camera Using Mobile Camera

Hello Friends Today in this post I will tell you How To Make CCTV Camera Using Mobile Camera .Smartphone use is common now days and Many people have two smartphones. These smartphones are not used for performance or other reasons. The market price of second-hand smartphones also decreases considerably. That is, there is no point in selling it. In such a case, if the camera of these phones is correct, then you can use it like a CCTV camera. This requires device charger, Wi-Fi network and a special utility app.

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If you want to take the work of CCTV camera from the phone then it is most important to have a special app. The name of this app is ‘Security Camera’. This app is available for iOS and Android users. Keep in mind these apps can take more storage on your old smart phone.

How To Make CCTV Camera Using Mobile Camera

It’s easy to use this app. After downloading the app and after opening it will ask for details of your Google Account. To work on this app, it is important that you share your Google Account details. Details are requested in the app so that the data stored by the smart phone can be sent on the mail.

How To Make CCTV Camera Using Mobile Camera

After entering your username and password, two options will appear on your smartphone’s screen. One will be the detector and the second viewer, after you select the detector, you will have to click on the Next button. By doing this, the app will automatically start the camera and the viewer will wait for the client. User can also select the screen view in this stage. It can be kept blank or in visible mode. If you select Blank Screen Option, the smartphone screen will be off during the recording.

How To Make CCTV Camera Using Mobile Camera

With the help of the app, the streaming of the background (live video) can now be done. Now you will need to keep your smartphone in the right place. To create a CCTV, the smartphone is working 24 * 7. For this, connect the smartphone to the charger only. Due to the old battery, the battery backup of the smartphone gets damaged. One more thing to keep in mind is that the battery of the old smartphone gets blown due to continuous charging. So keep checking the phone continuously.

How To Make CCTV Camera Using Mobile Camera

The app can do its work in an Internet connection, so locate the smartphone where Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G or 2G services are always on. It is better that the application should be used with at least 3G service so that there is no problem in the connection due to any reason. To view the footage of CCTV, you will also need the same app on the other phones. In other phones, users will have to click on the ‘Viewer’ option. This app will show you the recorded videos with the help of Google Synchronization.

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