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Hyper loop is the new proposed travel method that will help the people to travel with a speed of 1200km/h or 740mph between several distant locations. This travel method is first proposed by the Elon Musk in the year 2013 who said after proposing the idea that hyper loop will take half the time that plane take for transporting the passengers. He said it will take from LA to San Francisco 30 minutes that is the distance of around 610km.Hyperloop is in the form of long tube without the air in order to create the vacuum inside the tube. Hyper loop has concept of the intercity surface transportation, high speed, fixed guide way that uses the capsule like vehicles that basically operate inside the sealed partial vacuum tubes These tubes are built in such a way that no weather or earthquake can affect the tubes these are suspended off the ground .Passengers will have choice of sitting in the hyper loop they can either sit individually or in the group that later accelerated with the magnets. This long tubes consists of many capsules that has capacity of maximum six to eight people these capsules will depart after every 30 seconds. People require to buy the ticket in order to avail the facility of hyper loop these tickets will approximately cost around 20 dollar each side. Dollar 100 billion cost is estimated of building the hyper loop between the LA and SanFransisco. (Dubai to Fujairah in 10 minutes: UAE plans to make Elon Musk’s high-speed Hyperloop a reality by 2020, 2016).In this article discussed about the hyper loop proposed from Dubai to Fujairah, Dubai future Accelerators program, characterstics of hyperloop, operating cost of hyper loop, key research questions



Hyperloop is a future of transportation it is basically a  complicated mixture of the magnetic suspension as well as the pneumatic that is completely powered by the solar power.Hyper loop system require low pressure environment and make the use of magnetic suspension as well as propulsion to move the capsules. (The Hyperloop Hypothesis)

Research Methodology

The research contain following sections:

  • Study of hyper loop proposal from Dubai to Fujairah
  • Dubai future Accelerators program description
  • Hyper loop characteristics
  • Hyper loop cost including capital and operating cost
  • Hyper loop Transportation System including its main components
  • Policy and Regulatory Issues in Hyper loop
  • Safety Issues in Hyper loop
  • Research Question
  • Conclusion
  • Future work

Dubai to Fujairah

By 2020 Dubai is about to implement the hyper loop concept given by Elon Musk between Dubai and Fujairah. After implementation of high-speed hyper loop between these two stations the travel time will reduce to 10 minutes. The actual cost of implementing hyper loop is not yet estimated. For this purpose Dubai has done the partnership with the Los Angeles based hyper loop for the determination of possible lines. Dubai also hosted competition proposing designs for hyper loops. In order to develop the technology the Musk also encouraged third party firm. Hyperloop one and hyper loop transportation technologies are included in these firms. Currently the travel time between Dubai to Fujairah is around two and half hours if this plan will successfully implemented then the travel time will reduce from 2 and half hours to 10 minutes that will the great innovation in the field of transportation. If the technology covers the country then the travel time between Abu Dhabi to Doha will reduce to 22 minutes that has distance around 190 miles currently the time require to travel from Abu Dhabi to Doha is 6 hours. On the innovation of technology the CEO of Dubai Future foundation gave the statement that it will be like you live in Riyadh, work in Dubai, have dinner in Abu Dhabi and watch movie in the Qatar. Dubai considering this concept as a mission. The effort can also be seen around the emirate towers where the construction has been started on the museum of future. Initiative of the government helped the hyper loop competition sponsors with the transport authority and the city states roads. Dubai is already known for the world tallest building and long driver less metro line innovation of hyper loop network will increase its global value (Dubai to Fujairah in 10 minutes: UAE plans to make Elon Musk’s high-speed Hyperloop a reality by 2020, 2016)


Dubai future Accelerators program

In Dubai Future Accelerators programme was of duration 12 weeks in which 2200 applicants from 73 countries and from all seven continents participated and less than 2% selected that was the incredible start of Dubai Future Accelerators programme. In order to address the important global challenges world’s most advanced technology companies will work directly with the seven government entities. In this program the participants included the hyper loop the new era in transportation at supersonic speed, Consensys that is the world’s largest Ethereum block chain software company that decentralized applications, developer tools and the enterprise solutions, modular mass transportation solution also discussed. Robotics construction also discussed that increases the productivity of workers by 3 to 5 times. In this program Honeywell that is fortune 100 company come up with the plan of building a way of delivering the healthcare at home. The world is invited by the UAE government in order to transform the future said by the vice chairman of Dubai future foundation according to the vice chairman together we can create global challenges solutions better and then can share with the world. Seven government entities in the Dubai Future accelerators programs committed to pilot the projects discussed in the program in which one of the major project was hyper loop. Dubai future accelerators program was the initiative of Dubai future foundation. (Hyperloop, self driving cars, robot builders and 3D organ printing are products to be pioneered in Dubai , 2016)

Hyper loop characteristics

There are following characteristics of hyper loop that make the hyper loop best innovation in technology: (Catherine L. Taylor, David J. Hyde, Lawrence C. Barr , 2016)

Frequency: The hyper loop frequency is comparatively higher than the other mode of transportation the approx frequency is 30 -120 per hour.

User cost: User cost in hyper loop is estimated around $10 to $15 for a route linking Abu Dhabi to Dubai $20 for the San Francisco the Los Angeles route.

Comfort: There is less comfort of hyper loop passengers because of high speed hyper loop called as vomit comet and potentially noisy.

Reliability: Hyperloop provide safety from the rain and snow it is resilience to weather conditions

Energy consumption: The hyper loop technology will completely be solar powered with the facility of battery backup. Hyperloop will be 2 to 3 times more energy efficient than the other sources.

Capacity: The estimated capacity of hyper loop is 28 passengers per vehicle and 840-3360 passengers will travel per hour that counts 15 million passengers per year that is comparatively more than any other transportation mean.

Travel Time: Travel time is made up of three components that are haul time that depends on the speed of technology as well as the ramp up and rampdown, second, station time is the time required for the things like baggage loading, ticketing, security check and so on, third access time that is time including intermediate stops, station dwell time and tarmac delay. Sometimes travel time also include the expected wait time for the train to arrive in hyper loop the estimated operating speed will be  720-760 mph over 300-500 miles that will reduce the travel time to a large extent.

System Interoperability: Hyperloop does not provide the interoperability with other modes of transportation therefore cannot provide local transit.

Automation: Hyperloop is fully automated with no diver or no pilot that will help to remove the human error in the transport system.

Enclosed system: Hyperloop is fully enclosed system with no interaction with the nature like tree, birds and so on as well as from the transportation modes that provide the safety and reliability to hyper loop

Hyper loop cost

The cost of hyper loop consists of capital cost and the operating cost these costs are discussed as follows:

Capital cost: Capital cost of a system is the total construction cost of the system that includes the final design, land acquisition, environmental planning and conceptual engineering. Construction basically includes the construction of tube, pylon, tunnel, station and vacuum pumps. Other cost is of permits and lands.

The operating cost of hyper loop includes the following:

  • Dispatching, security and maintenance cost
  • Management and planning cost as management is necessary for strategic planning, IT services, long term maintenance, personal management, and the business development.
  • Station cost generally include the cost for station safety, hyperloop pod cleaning and maintenance, customer baggage assistance, utilities like water in restrooms, wifi, coffee, bookstore.These all constitute the station cost for hyper loop where as in the proposal of the project the electronic ticketing system was mentioned in such a system no ticket sales man require that eliminate the cost of ticket sales man.
  • Infrastructure inspection cost, in order to maintain the safe operation the continuous inspection of hyper loop is required. High speed tracks of hyper loop are inspected by Amtrak twice a week and automated track geometry inspection vehicle is used every 30 days. For the purpose of exterior inspection regulators are required for inspecting the tubes and pylon at low speed .Hence this cost is included while estimation of a hyper loop operating cost.
  • Infrastructure maintenance cost hence after the construction of any project the maintenance of an infrastructure require because with time the components fail and need to be repair. Maintenance cost also included in the cost estimation.

Hyper loop Transportation System

Hyper loop transportation system includes following components: (Hyperloop Alpha )

  • Capsule: A sealed capsules that carry around 28 passengers that depart after every 2 minutes .These capsules are separated within the tube by approximate distance of 37km during the operation and are supported by the air bearings .For operating air bearings aerodynamic lift and compressed air reservoir are used.
  • Tube: Tube is made up of steel. In order to make the capsules travel in both the direction two tubes will be welded side by side. Pylons are required to be placed at a distance of every 30m to support the tubes. Top of the tubes are covered by the solar array in order to provide the solar power to the whole system.
  • Propulsion: In order to accelerate the capsules the linear accelerators are constructed along the length of the tube at the several locations and to transfer momentum to the capsules through the linear accelerator the stators are used on the capsules
  • Route : With the splits in the tube several stations between two major station can be possible

Policy and Regulatory Issues in Hyper loop

Public Rights of ways: Hyper loop has access to the public right of ways as hyper loop is comparatively cheaper than the other modes of transportation by minimizing the cost of land acquisition costs this is possible only by making the use of highway medians and other public rights of ways (Catherine L. Taylor, David J. Hyde, Lawrence C. Barr , 2016).

Safety Regulation: As the concept of hyper loop is completely new because it neither runs on the roads nor on to the rails therefore it is require to concern about the safe operation of the hyper loop. In order to ensure the safe operation of hyper loop it is require to have the emergency responses across a 500 mile alignment that should be coordinated with the state and the local agencies. Proposed hyper loop project also passes through the rural areas where the specialized equipment’s and expertise are not easily available therefore require to keep this thing also while deciding on safety regulations. Expertise and equipment’s required for fire or the evacuation of the elevated system.

Public Funding: Since the capital cost of hyper loop is comparatively less than the other transportation modes therefore it will require public subsidy.

Federal Involvement with the development: Federal government also invest into the hyper loop.

Safety Issues in Hyper loop

Despite of several benefits and advantages of hyper loop transportation there are some safety issues are associated with the hyper loop these safety issues are as follows: (Catherine L. Taylor, David J. Hyde, Lawrence C. Barr , 2016)

  • In case of depressurization (large scale leaks), malfunction of capsules, natural disasters like earthquake how the hyper loop tube will deal with such kinds of emergency situation.
  • Where will be the emergency exit provided in case when the capsules are stranded inside the tube?
  • In the case of depressurization what will be the effect on the hyper loop capsule.
  • Without affecting the whole system how fast the capsule can decelerate for the emergency stop.
  • Which material and method should be used for constructing the hyper loop tubes that will result into the cost, safety and the overall functions?
  • Inside the capsule the fire suppression system can be provided.
  • In case power is lost in the area then how long the system can continue to run
  • In case of major tube breach will the oxygen masks work properly, will the air be filling in the tube at the high velocity, will additional turbulence and the speed increases the danger to the capsule.
  • What will be the behavior of the capsule if it reaches to the normal or even the higher density air while travelling at 700mph is it designed in such a way to survive in such a situation in order to protect the passengers? If capsule encounters the high density air then how fast the capsule will decelerate?
  • In thin atmospheric condition or the environment the problem of excessive drag can be overcome? What potential supersonic air surrounding the capsules has?                                 

Research Question

  • How much each capsule in the hyper loop will weigh.
  • Discuss the technology hurdles in building the hyper loop underwater? What are the solutions to overcome these technologies hurdles?
  • Will the system also server to the local passengers along with the long distance passengers.
  • What will be the size of the tube in order to carry the standard size shipping container?
  • Is the capacity of hyper loop pod expandable from the actual proposed capacity that is capacity of 28 passengers?



As discussed in the article the hyper loop is the new era in the history of transportation in UAE that will significantly reduce the travel time the proposed system will be implemented by 2020 by this system many people will save their precious time and hence will increase the work efficiency. In the article also discussed about the characteristics of hyperloop, main components required for constructing hyperloop, policy issues of hyper loop, proposed project and where and when the project is proposed. Research on the concept is still under process there are also some security concerns regarding the hyper loop that is also discussed in the article and some research related questions on hyper loop also mentioned. There are many research areas regarding the hyper loop that will prove the innovation in the field of transportation. Hyper loop transportation system aim to be safer, faster, more convenient, lower cost, immune to weather, sustain ably self powering, resistant to the earthquakes. Not disruptive to those along the route. It will be truly a new mode of transportation or the fifth mode after plane, boat, car and trains.

Future work

Hyper loop is an open source concept anyone can contribute to the design of the hyper loop in order to make the unique innovation in the field of transportation. Apart from the proposed design and project some future work is also possible that are expansion of the hyper loop control mechanism that basically includes the control moment gyros or the attitude thrusters scale testing of hyper loop for the purpose of demonstrating the physics of hyperloop,detail designing of the hyper loop station with the facility of loading and unloading of the passengers, trades that compare the benefits as well as the cost of hyper loop with conventional levitation system. (Hyperloop Alpha )


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