Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018 – When it comes to technology then every time we found some new innovation if this is the beginning of New Year then of course innovators will introduce some new technology trends here in this blog will discuss some of the technology trends of year 2018.

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

Your life will be augmented

Pokemon well-known name in today’s generation kids will soon launch the augmented reality(AR) that is demand of billion dollars and following the pokemon many industries keeping eye as it is the other source of revenue generation.AR glasses and  heads up display(HUD) introduction will increase the people shop habit, work and entertainment too.


Help on demand

AI will get more popularity this year as AI assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant are not new but not popular definitely they will gain the popularity. Voice and the smart phones assistant will reach to every home and make their way to consumer gadgets. Hence create smarter homes.

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Advancement of 4K

Since many smart phones launched in 2017 but they have ability to record the videos in 4K. 2018 expected to see the 4k technology in small and handheld devices too like cameras, drones, dashcams and 360 degrees video recorders. Even TV shows and movies will come in 4K.

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018


There will be significant rise in artificial intelligence and its credits goes to the platform like IBM Watson that provides AI and machine learning to the huge group of audience. Worldwide AI use will increase. Many start-ups are already moving towards the AI technology and if your business possesses the processes and the systems that need to be automated then AI is the only way to go.

Believe in Cryptocurrency

Many people turned into millionaires by the crypto currency Bitcoin last year after breaking the US$10,000 mark. Many cryptocurrency like Bitcoin will gain popularity in the year 2018.But still the future of cryptocurrency is uncertain as South Korea is in move to ban cryptocurrencies where country like India is planning to impose income tax on crypto currencies.


Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

Rise of Blockchain

Blockchain is already in use but limited to some areas only. In the year 2018, Global design and strategy firm frog design study shows that blockchain will provide the new platform for the civic engagement.Blockchain will also change the way how votes are collected and hence minimizes the fraud and manipulation risks. As a result of which more voices will arise in matters of government and policy decisions.

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Electric cars

As per the BP energy report there will be huge increase in number of electric cars from 1.2 million in 2015 to 100 million in 2035.Countries like France and Britain are in the processes of banning the sales of new diesel and petrol cars by the year 2040 according to the China flowing suit report as a result of which long term investment in petrol cars will decrease or eliminated.

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

3D printers Comeback

3D printing technology is slow from many years but in 2018 with the introduction of faster and fewer 3D printers this technology will again gain the place in market and will reach to the new level.

With the advancement of 3D printing, scanners used to capture 3D imagery for the printers. These scanners are more affordable and portable now. Currently this technology is in use in healthcare and manufacturing soon will be available in many industries.

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

Welcome of Podcasts

Podcasting is becoming preferred form for the media consumption. Steady increase in listeners observed.

As per the Edison research states study one in four adults listen at least one podcast a month.

Increase in crypto currencies investments

Many public sectors will gain the benefit from the blockchain applications that includes the management of taxes and the registrations. Businesses are moving towards the blockchain for the purpose of accountability and transparency.

Innovation And Technology Trends 2018

Considering all

Industries are planning to move towards the design and technology for all kinds of people which include the people with different abilities.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella whose son is with cerebral palsy recently gave the statement that his company committed to design the products that will be accessible by all people. So the year 2018 will be the year of technology and innovations.



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