Instagram Stories Might get two new features .What are these Features?

Instagram Stories Might get two new features soon. One is to keep the stories bar permanently over the feed page and the other feature is to allow users to pose the questions.

Instagram Stories Might get two new features

Stories are one of the important features of instagram nowadays and Instagram is testing couple of new features on these stories. One feature that Instagram is about to launch is sticky story bar that will show the recent and important stories from the list of user’s friends simulataneosly user can scroll the news feed. The verge first spotted the sticky story bar.

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Another feature reported by Android police  and tested is question bar that will allow users to ask and answer questions on their stories. As per the Verge the story bar that appear on the top of Instagram is similar to the one that appear on to the facebook news feed screen.

Difference between both is that instagram plans to persist with the tab of stories that allow user to get easy access to feature. This brought into knowledge when Instagram confirmed that daily around 400 million people use Instagram stories.

When the Verge contacted regarding Instagram new feature then he confirmed only about the testing features without giving any detail about which were being developed. The verge is an Instagram spokesperson.

Instagram Stories Might get two new features

Information obtained by the Android police about the question bar on stories from the reader. According to the screenshot question tab will appear at the bottom of the stories screen.

It is like now photo sharing app allowing users to ask questions about their stories and also answers the queries. In the trial phase user of Instagram will be able to ask open-ended questions in addition to yes/no polls or the existing Emojis.’Roast me’ will be written over the question text box as a result of which users could scrutinise others over the stories.

These additions will definitely boost the Instagram feature that allows users to record soundtracks onto the stories. Recently IGTV created by Instagram that is a standalone app that plays the vertical video content also created Instagram lite that has file size of 573KB.

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