Is Open Or Public Wi-Fi Safe To Use

Is Open Or Public Wi-Fi Safe To Use ?

Have you ever think before using Wi-Fi at any public places such as shopping mall, theme parks, when you checked into the hotel wherever you go you find free Wi-Fi and you try to make full use of that free Wi-Fi by finishing your all online pending works. But is it safe? Hence public Wi-Fi networks could be unsafe.

Is Open Or Public Wi-Fi Safe To Use

In open Wi-Fi network there is high risk of cyber crimes. Scammers might configure their system as fake router. Your wireless signals get sniffed for password and username information. History of your websites visit or any personal or unencrypted data can be captured. In short these cyber criminals find out your identity and steal it.

But if you want to access public Wi-Fi safely then here discussing some of the useful tips for that:

Keep the operating system up to date

Updating the operating system is not limited to only introducing new features into your Android Smartphone or iPhone.

Timely updating of operating system harden the operating system, prevent unauthorized accessed to your data by any unusual means like hackers and fix vulnerabilities. Whenever new OS updates comes download and install those updates.

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Use Antivirus                 

Be sure before using or connecting your phone to public Wi-Fi that your phone has security software installed in it. For iOS users this is not very much important but for the Android users it is must as Android has a problem with malware. These software provides malware scanning, firewall, and removal features.

The reason of installing security software is clear whenever you connect your device to unsecure Wi-Fi network then risk of exposure to malware from other devices on network increases.

There is chance of worm that propagates itself from one infected device to another or there is also the possibility that it sent intentionally from the malicious user close to your device location.

Is Open Or Public Wi-Fi Safe To Use

Use Mobile security apps

Various mobile security apps are available that protect your device by either scanning or defending malwares. Basically malware targets windows computers. Hence android is target for hackers. This app will increase security into your Android device.

Use only when speed is good

When you face problem while accessing the open Wi-Fi and you find connection is slow or trouble in making connection to the sign in page then be aware and better to disconnect for a while. There is a chance that router is compromised.

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Use Two factor Authentication

By means of two factor authentication you can login to the website only when you enter the correct code or message received via mail or message on your phone or email. After entering correct code you can access the website. This code sent by the website that you attempt to login that can be online store, banking and so on. Mostly security savvy online companies offer two factor authentications. But after you login through the two factor than fake router or network can keep eye on your each activity so be aware of that too.

Is Open Or Public Wi-Fi Safe To Use

Disable Wi-Fi

This is one of the simple and easy steps that you can take while using open Wi-Fi network. When you done with internet or your work then switch off the mobile or your device or disable the wifi.By this any attempt to drop unwanted malware onto your device will fail. Scammers that are nearby will observe that they are attempting to hit wall with no data connection. This is one of the best decisive actions that you can take in order to protect your device from public Wi-Fi.


VPN are mostly available for laptops and desktops many VPN providers are in process of providing mobile apps.Through VPN it is possible to connect your device to VPN server ,hence your traffic get encrypted when it leaves your device, With the use of VPN Security increases while using public Wi-Fi.


Is Open Or Public Wi-Fi Safe To Use

Do not shop and banking over public wi-fi

Browsing over public Wi-Fi that require confidential information such as passwords, id’s, credit or debit card number, CVV and so on is unsafe. Tools used by sniffing scammers that make the things for you very difficult and some unencrypted data heads their way. For avoiding any mischief try to use your own mobile data connection, you can also use VPN for encrypting all internet traffic, use sites that guarantees the security of your confidential information.

For banking purpose always use bank’s official app as it provides full encryption. Similarly use official or secured app for online shopping do not shop until you fell it’s safe.

Hope you find this information useful and I believe that from the next time whenever or wherever you will find open Wi-Fi then for sure you will keep these tips into your mind and will also follow.

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