Marketing Strategies For New Startups or Business

Marketing Strategies For New Startups or Business .If you begin with any start-up then marketing is key factor that enhances your business.Startups face many challenges but the main thing is to stay positive in all hurdles or obstacles.

Some people quit their idea of starting a business by seeing initial progress but I must say never loss the hope and stay positive as good things take time. In this blog I will explain some of the marketing strategies for new startups and business that can prove miracle for your business. Try out these strategies and share your views or results. Marketing and advertising both are crucial factors of any business.


If you are focussing on to the content marketing campaign by writing articles then you also require to improve your search engine optimization.

SEO seems technically complex but if you pay your precious time and dedication then you will learn SEO basics. Many online tools are available such as Moz’s keyword explorer ,by which you can find the relevant keywords to attract maximum traffic to your site with less competition.

Then you will tweak your site for including those keywords. You need to bring change into your writing structure by providing high quality content and attract maximum backlinks to your domain. Here no investment is required if you do by yourself only thing required here is your time.

Marketing Strategies For New Startups or Business

Refer your Friend/Colleagues

Create such a system in which your customers will do marketing for you. People are more likely to buy the product if it is referred by their friend.

Consider this fact and start building strategy to engage your customers and how they will market for you. Many companies are following this marketing strategy by giving points or cash to one who referred their company to someone else like Goibibo is providing in form of go cash and long list here.

Referral programs do not cost much it all depends on how you structure sometimes completely free. You can offer some discount to your customers if they refer their contact or you can provide them some loyalty benefits.

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Press Releases

Still the craze of news same in the market as before, despite of many online sites. People used to read news daily and if you have something newsworthy then news outlets will happily report for you .

Press release is an inexpensive way by which you can mention your brand in major publications and will possibly get some inbound links. If you perform all these tasks by yourself then emailing journalists, hunting down, press releases all will be a free marketing strategy for your business.

Although you need to pay thousands of dollars if you go for release through service like PR Newswire and so on.

Pay per click

If you are targeting large traffic then pay per click ads might be expensive.

But many platforms available that provide these ads in start-ups budget such as facebook demand minimum $1 a day for certain ads .New start-ups can go for these platforms.

Send Email

Email is one of the cost efficient marketing strategy. If you have good list (Organically curated rather than bought) and good number of outgoing email blasts then for sure you will see a significant return of your time spent and money you put.

But be sure email list is according to your business .

Suppose you are branding for software then your email list should have maximum number of technical people including software engineer, engineering students and so on.

Personal branding

Personal branding is same as that of corporate branding here you require to sell yourself. You will promote yourself and your business expertise across various platforms such as social media, blogs, earn new followers and different source of traffic and interest.

As people trust on other people more than that of the corporation therefore you can use separate and powerful outlet to popularize your content or attract new people without investing any amount.

Use Social sites

Social media marketing is not the thing that you can take casually but you can do free of cost here only you require to spend your valuable time. You van master in this strategy if you spend a fixed amount of time regularly. Start by creating profile for your business or start-up on major social platforms such as twitter, facebook and instagram.Flesh your profile and syndicate the content on your target market. Stay connected and reacts to individuals. With time your audience will grow and start flowing you and soon you will see your business growth.

Marketing Strategies For New Startups or Business

Forums and groups

Do not avoid the power of social media group and public forums. Here you can answer the question according to your expertise .You can also attract the local event in order to promote your business.

More involvement leads to more gain. It costs nothing to become a member of such communities . You require to spend few hours of your time.

Marketing Strategies For New Startups or Business

Content marketing 

Many forms of content marketing exist that require very less investment. One approach is to manage an onsite blog add new content in a significant time .

This attracts more of the readers in some practical or unique way.

Podcasts,videos and infographics all belong to content marketing.Thses content increase your reputation, inbound traffic and so on.

Marketing Strategies For New Startups or Business

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