Microchip Implant For Employees

Soon Companies are planning Microchip Implant For Employees .                         

Why Should I implant RFID chip in my hand? This question is in every employee mind here in this blog sharing some facts about chip implantation. Go through the blog and please feel free to share your opinions about chip implantation because that day is not far away when your company will force you to implant chip in your hand.

Three square market a technology company in Wisconsin is about to implant RFID chip under human skin. Employee provided with Choice to opt out from implantation.


Microchip Implant For Employees

Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

RFID makes use of electromagnetic fields to identify and track the tags automatically attached to objects. These tags contain electronically stored information.

RFID is an identification process used for identification of particular person or an item with unique ID number. Radio waves used by means of which reader scans the tag’s unique serial number and can reach the stored information.

Tagged object must to come close around within some feet in order to process an identity number. Device used for the insertion through the skin is very small equal to grain of rice. Insertion takes less than 10 minutes.

This technology is not new it is already in use by cars, merchandise, phones and swipe cards. Now it considered as one of the viable option for insertion into the human body.

In January 2015, one of the company in Sweden offered employee to insert sensor under their skin instead of carrying ID cards or swipe cards for accessing company resources such as printers, food from café and so on.

RFID tattoos are also available in market for whom those want to keep eye on their temperature, UV exposure, hydration levels, and other factors of body.

Hospitals are also in process of using this technology to diagnose and treat patients. This technology imposes a lot of benefits but despite of these benefits there are some points that make it less adoptable like it causes uneasiness regarding privacy concerns and improper handling of sensitive data.

As data is easily readable than anyone can hack the data too. Sharing some pros and cons of micro-chipping too.

Microchip Implant For Employees


You need not to worry about your wallet: We generally use cards or cash for making payment at stores, transportation service, restaurants, library and so on. But with the cash or cards there is possibility of lost or stolen but this is not the case in implanted RFID chip.


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Easy identification:

Different ID’s are used for identification purpose such as passport,license,and so on all these contains microchip but if these are replaced by scanning arm then there will be the requirement of minimal change in overall infrastructure and one need not to worry about carrying their ID’s with them.

Club memberships and access control: Many clubs offer microchipping to access their club. Club members use chip to pay their bills and to keep track of what they order. This concept is practical in many gyms, hotels and workplace.

Keep your medical history:

Medical history is very important to immediately treat the patient. RFID chip can used to gain access to medical history quickly like what tablets patient had in past, Is patient allergic to particular drug? What medication patient is taking and so on?

This also provides information about patients sufferings like diabetes, BP. Chip not contain patient’s history but through the unique number in chip patient history can easily be accessible from database.

Automatic control of many devices:

By implant of RFID chip you will have automatic control on many of your devices like you can automatically open your car door, you can switch on TV with your favourite channel. Digital world is possible by RFID implantation.


Despite of many advantages some disadvantages are also associated with RFID chip. These are as follows:

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Threat to health:

Several digital identification systems exist that uses different cards such as ID card, credit card, medical aid membership card, public transport card and so on.

For different purpose different cards are used similarly if RFID chips are used then require to implant multiple chips for different purpose.

These chips migrate to different locations sometimes it becomes difficult to find them. Risks include with RFID chips are electrical hazards, adverse tissue reactions, infections and incompatibility with different medical equipment like MRIs machine because during MRI scan no metal should present in or on human body even the RFID chip.

Require to compromise freedom of choice:

With RFID implants we need to compromise our behaviour of freedom.

You need to present on time at office. need to pay bill at travel and food no excuses will work all payment will done through RFID implant, you cannot spend more time at canteen and toilets.

You will be under observation in your workplace hence you need to reduce your break time. No more time for gossiping.

With RFID chip we will become prime target for hackers:

As all confidential information will be available at one place that is in chip then there is high risk of hacking.

Hackers will try to reveal all information to hide their identity with someone else identity and transactions are also linked to chip then hackers will get several benefits by revealing single chip.

RFID Chips already in use at several places that include product tracking, animal tracking,inventory,access and passport control and many others.

But for humans it sounds weird?

Hope you like this post Microchip Implant For Employees. Please comment your views.

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