Most Demanding Skills for IT Industry In Current Scenario

Despite of layoffs IT industry still considered as the biggest private sector employer that hires more than 10 million employees across the country.

We often go through the success stories of many people that receives high package from the esteemed companies. Question arises that what makes them capable for those jobs with high pay scales.

For getting any jobs the candidate qualification, knowledge; attitude and institute play a very important role. Many private as well as government organization are ready to pay higher package to the deserving candidates. A profitable job is a dream of each and every candidate.

In this blog I am going to provide you the list of top IT skills for getting job of your dream.

IT Architect

In order to meet the business requirement IT architect applies different IT resources. To become IT architect first requirement is degree in technical expertise along with understanding of business. An IT architect is responsible for making decision regarding which IT investments will provide higher return by considering the productivity and hard costs benefits. For achieving this job there is a requirement of high technical skill in implementing, planning and managing the IT infrastructure and information software.

Business Analyst

Business analyst is considered as an important link between the troubles within an organization and the solution for fixing them. Business analyst job works closely within an organization for identification of the areas that require improvement and required to be updated. The main task is finding out the solution of the problems by using computer that is carried out by deep analysis or the intensive research. It involves discovering the new systems or revamping the already existing areas such as stock control, payment or the dispatching processes.

Database Administration

A database administrator is the key person that is responsible for the security, performance and integrity of database. Database administrator also performs the planning and development. Database business majorly focus onto the mainstream SQL oriented database engines and related tools and platforms instead of other alternatives such as MongDB or Hadoop. If we look into the area of data mining, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics of all types then there exist a little bit of stress level.Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL proves to be leaders in this area of IT skills landscape.

Big Data Analysis

Big data or the data science finds its way or wisdom in the large amount of data collected continuously regarding the transactions, business operations, communications and so on. Big data analyst job gives equal importance to the managing and handling of data on mathematical tools and models in order to provide the right information about what it contains and what it has to say.

Data mining is very important in the big data analysis as the data sphere is growing at fast speed and alarming therefore it is necessary for the success of the business. This is another major area for the IT professionals that are looking for a valuable and substantial opportunity.

Cloud Engineer

In companies large number of migration towards cloud is observed. As a result of which the cloud providers are increasing their operations to provide more and more workloads. Cloud Engineer is an IT professional that can perform any technological duties that is related to the cloud computing. These duties include maintenance, planning, designing, management and support. Cloud engineer can take up many roles such as cloud architect, cloud security engineer, cloud software engineer, cloud systems engineer and so on.

Web developer

Web developer is a programmer that is specialized or engaged in the development of worldwide web applications. Web developer possess complete knowledge about how to develop website from bottom to up. Web developers are able to create the custom code in house that is requirement for the layout of website, functions and features on the web page. Web developer is assigned with the task of designing website that includes everything that make the web page user interactive and according to the requirement of user. Web developer mostly emphasize on the development or setting up the backend of the site by adding different functionality or the styles to the site. If a website is created by considering everything from ground to up then it serves each and every specific requirement and created as something original.


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