Now Transfer Money Through WhatsApp

Now Transfer Money Through WhatsApp. Sound weird but yes it is true.Whatsapp has come in the market of digital payment along with already exiting merchants such as paytm and so on.

Here In the blog will discuss about Whatsapp new feature that soon will be available in your phone also.

WhatsApp has made its Most awaited Service Digital Payments live in India.To take advantage of this service, users will have to update their Whatsapp.

However, this service is currently live for beta users only. With this feature, the user will be able to easily pay with the help of Digital Platforms. WhatsApp has recently released a video calling feature for 4 people for beta users simultaneously.

Now Transfer Money Through WhatsApp

Whatsapp’s Payments feature will benefit 200 million users, or about 20 million people.

There are 1.5 billion people worldwide, about 150 million users in WhatsApp, 20 million in India. The company will soon make this feature live for all users. Right now only beta version has started.

These iOS users will find version 2.18.21 and Android on version 2.18.41.First update your Whatsapp app. For this go to Play Store and type WhatsApp. On the Update tab, click here. Whatsapp will be updated.

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How to use this feature

open the Whatsapp app.

Tab on the menu bar at the top.

Now go to Settings. You will now be able to see the new option of Payments in the list. Tab it on

Now Transfer Money Through WhatsApp


Here you will be asked to accept privacy policy. Tab and move on. Now you have to verify your number via SMS. Allow it to proceed.

Now Transfer Money Through WhatsApp

If your Smartphone has 2 sim, then select the number associated with your bank account. After this, you should select the bank with the account.

Now Transfer Money Through WhatsApp

Now your whatsapp account is ready to use this feature. With this you can easily transfer amount into other bank account but the condition is that your mobile number should be linked with your bank account.Two way authentication providing secure transaction.

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