Quick Overview of Life Threatening Game: Blue Whale

Recently one game is in news that encourages the teenagers for suicide here sharing some facts about this game.

Quick Overview of Life Threatening Game: Blue Whale

Its Origin –

The origin of game is Russia. The game created by Philip Budeikin a 22-year-old Russian boy who directly started giving instructions to some children.

Budeikin is Psychology student therefore know very well about how to play with human psychology.

He also said in an interview that the aim behind the game is to clean the society as only those people will participate in the game that are biological waste.

He arrested and in Jail now but it is still not clear who is running the game currently and how many administrators of game exists. It named from the name of beached whales that get stranded and die.


Quick Overview of Life Threatening Game: Blue Whale

About Game –

Blue Whale game is a set of instruction provided online it provides tasks to the people to hurt themselves. In this game participant receives instructions from an anonymous administrator the duration of game is 50 day. One who participates in this game requires to complete the challenge in 50 days.

In series of tasks the final task is to commit suicide. This game is in existence from last four years, 100’s of deaths reported that linked to this game. This game killed lives of 100 people in China, USA and other states.

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Reported in India –

In India recently two deaths reported. Blue whale game is simply a chain of letters not video game but made viral though the social media. Teens of social media discovered this game by means of different hash tags on Youtube, twitter, facebook, Instagram and so on.

Now the YouTube and Tumblr networks are posting suicide prevention groups contacts if they find any user posting related to blue whale games.

Quick Overview of Life Threatening Game: Blue Whale

Tasks In Game –

Tasks included in this game are climbing a crane, waking up at 4:20 AM, carve a specific phrase on person’s hand or arm, do secret tasks, poke needle into arm or leg, stand on bridge and roof, listen music and watch video or horror movies sent by the administrator to the challenger.

It’s Not Exactly Game –

Blue whale is not downloadable game, software and application. It is basically the phenomenon of social media that enters the networks of social media by secretive groups some of the examples of social media phenomenon are ALS Ice bucket challenge and Harlem Shake challenge.

People who took this challenge need to take photos or videos of them undertaking challenge and need to upload them for the proof of administrator. Last challenge in this game is to commit suicide.

Government is in the process to ban on this challenging game and also directed the top internet platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Yahoo and Moicrosoft to take down any links found related to this game on emergency basis.

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Some Questions are still not clear

  • Is these games actually exist?
  • How can we save our children from being influenced by this game?
  • Three years imprisonment is enough for makers of this game?
  • Where the Society is moving?

Please share your views on above questionnaire and also on this game……..

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