Quick Overview On Ransomware Virus

Since Friday a major global attack is spreading and affecting more than 200000 organizations in 150 countries. Security expert are continuously trying to stop the attack by triggering “kill switch”. Here in this blog I am going to share something about Ransomware virus which I feel you should know…

What Ransomware is?

Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that locks your device such as tablets, smartphones and computers and demands ransom in order to unlock the device. In this type of cyber attack hackers gain control onto the computer system and block any kind of access to the system until a ransom amount is paid. Generally the large companies have sophisticated security system that are able to spot the occurring of this type of cyber attack and hence minimize the damage caused by this by isolating the documents. Cyber criminal who involved in this attack demands a ransom for unlocking the system. The ransom is given in the form of online crypto currency or bitcoin.

Large organizations have a strong security system by means of which these organization minimize the damage whereas individuals suffers a lot they loss all access to the information to their system.

When first Ransomware found

The first case of Ransomware occurred in United States in 2005 and quickly spread across the globe.

How it affects the system

Ransomware malicious software is normally found within the attachment to an email and masquerades as something innocent. Once the attachment is opened it encrypts the hard drive make it impossible to access the information stored on the drive or to retrieve any information stored on drive like documents, music, photographs and so on.

Way to protect from Ransomware

Antivirus is only way by means of which you can minimize the damage caused by this attack but cyber criminals are continuously working to hamper this way of protection also.

How much amount victims require to pay ?

The ransom amount varies. In 2014 when attack occurred victims of UK charged $500.But despite of paying ransom amount there is no guarantee of getting your data back securely.


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