SAP Fiori Introduction

For the SAP software and the applications the SAP Fiori is a new kind of user experience i.e. UX. Several applications are provided by the SAP Fiori that includes more than 300 role based applications that can be used in HR, Finance, Manufacturing and so on. Apart from these role based applications SAP Fiori provides applications for use in the regular functions of the business such as financial applications, calculation applications, work approval and several self service applications.SAP Fiori user can start the process onto the laptop/desktop and can continue the same process onto the smartphone or the tablet. In Italian the meaning of Fiori is flowers. The idea of development of SAP Fiori comes into mind by seeing the maximum use of the applications related to the interactions of manager and the employee such as request of leaves, request of travel and so on. It is found that the user of SAP uses maximum time the SAP interface to access these common applications. The most commonly used application is identified by the SAP and the SAP Fiori is build.

               Business Roles provided by SAP Fiori


Based on the infrastructure and the functions the SAP Fiori applications are divided into the three categories these are discussed as follows: (SAP Fiori)

Transactional Applications: Transactional applications are used for performing the tasks related to the transaction between the employee and the manager. The transactions such as leave request, travel request and so on. First release of SAP Fiori included 25 transactional applications these applications best run on database of SAP HANA but possible to deploy with any database .Transactional applications also allow user to run simple transactions of SAP onto the laptops, desktops, mobile devices.

Fact sheets: In business operations for drilling out the contextual information and the key information SAP Fiori fact sheets are used. Navigation from one fact sheet to all other related fact sheet is also possible. By means of fact sheet one can also navigate to the transactional application in order to run the SAP transactions. Integration of geographical maps is also possible in some fact sheets.SAP HANA database is used to run SAP fact sheets and also ABAP stack is used. It is not possible to port them onto the SAP HANA live tier 2 architecture. Fact sheets can also be called as the SAP Fiori launch pad .Fact sheets search results from the transaction applications, analytical applications and from the other SAP fact sheets. Example if there is a fact sheet having the detail of the vendor then it is possible to drill down the fact sheet to extract the more details related to the vendor such as contract terms, item details, vendor details and so on

Analytical Applications: Role based real time information of any business operation is provided by the analytical applications. Analytical applications combine the power of SAP HANA as well as SAP business suite. The real time information is retrieved or provided from the large collection of data in web browser of front end. Key performance indicators can easily be monitored by making use of the analytical applications. On business operation complex calculations and aggregations can be performed through the analytical applications and change in market condition immediately reflected. Analytical applications run on the SAP HANA and make use of virtual data models.


                                       Design Principles of SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori Courses

SAP Fiori course is basically designed to provide the deep understanding and knowledge of the SAP Fiori functionalities that includes the SAP Fiori authorization, installation, architecture and different SAP Fiori applications operations. Different architectures can also be learned by the SAP Fiori aspirants that basically include the HANA XS Engine that is required for the analytical applications and so on. Within the invention package Module of SAP available for the purpose of integration of the application.SAP formed certification programs in order to ensure that the customer attain the tested, partner built, robust and transactional Fiori applications effectively. Fiori applications can also be created on SAP business suite by using either traditional database or the SAP HANA by the partner companies. By making use of the SAP Fiori module business become more responsive and easy in customizing the access of data in real time and so on.SAP Fiori course basically  includes the SAP Fiori solution overview, SAP Fiori applications introduction,architectures,technology,overview of the configuration like factsheets,launchpad,analytical,transactional,SAP security ,troubleshooting knowledge of basic issues, extensibility of UI field,HANA SX Engine architecture and outline and so on.

Career in SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a variety of the web applications that is designed to be operated onto the multichannel such as desktop, mobile and browser. This basically indicates how SAP supports the end user without concerning about the device used by the end user. Business application runs on different devices because of that various issues are faced by the end user in the form of security, performance and the consistency. All these hurdles are easily handled and carried out by the SAP Fiori in a very effective manner. By undergoing the SAP Fiori course and getting SAP Fiori certification one can build the career as SAP Solution Manager, SAP Fiori consultant and so on. People with SAP Fiori certification can obtain a great height in the career and also gain a high package.


SMP Vs SAP Fiori

SMP is SAP Mobile platform that allows mobile application development quickly and also deploy a wide range of mobile applications on to the mobile devices. SMP is a middle ware platform that helps the end user to connect to the application with the help of the mobile devices. SMP is available on cloud as well as on premises. In order to facilitate the development of the mobile applications SMP provides a wide range of resources and the connections. On the other hand SAP Fiori provides a set of prebuilt mobile applications that are simple and also provides better experience to the end user.SAP Fiori therefore also known as packaged mobile applications.SAP store used for the purpose of delivering the prebuilt mobile applications of the SAP Fiori and these applications can also be customized according to the requirement. Across the commonly used business operations such as HR, Finance, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and the marketing these prebuilt applications are available in line with the SAP enterprise solution.

SAP Fiori

  • SAP Fiori provides the mobile applications that can easily be extended in order to satisfy the requirement of end user.
  • SAP Fiori provides the role based application that gives more satisfaction to the customer or end user.
  • SAP Fiori design is responsive that makes SAP Fiori applications to be available onto the variety of platforms.
  • SAP Fiori is easy to use that helps in increasing the productivity.
  • The backend integration of SAP Fiori is also simple, existing SAP business suite processes as Odata services is exposed by the SAP Net weaver Gateway.
  • Less time, skill and the effort is required in order to customize the already built application therefore SAP Fiori Requires less or lower TCO.
  • HTML5 is used as front end by the SAP Fiori that makes SAP Fiori easy to use across the multiple devices.
  • Basic security is provided with the SAP fiori but it is require to make SAP Fiori more secure by making the use of TLS/SNC/application level gateway/SMP in itself. Therefore greater effort is require to build the application security.


  • SMP provides integrated devices as well as the integrated security features.SMP has multi mobile device and operating system support. To integrate with the prepackaged solution SMP provides the non SAP thin integration layers also provides the mobility platform as a unified MEAP which is developed maintained and enhanced by the SAP.
  • SMP provides ease in the backend integration by making the use of OData and middleware objects (MBO) as resource to the backend.
  • For building the customized applications it is required to start the development from the beginning therefore require high TCO.
  • With the SMP the responsive design is difficult to build whereas hybrid applications is possible to build by making use of the web container for different mobile OS but this fail to work onto the laptops as well as desktops.
  • Inbuilt basic protection is provided by the SMP to mobile devices; example for activating the device a unique pin is required .SMP provides additional security feature by means of monitoring all devices connecting to the system.

SAP Fiori is easy to use compare to that of the SMP because SMP provides the platform in order to create, manage and deploy the mobile applications whereas SAP Fiori provides the collection of web applications that can be operated onto the mobile devices as well as onto the desktops/laptops


Simple: SAP Fiori design is simple and minimalistic that lead to the delightful experience .The essential function are made easier to use. Due to the simplicity in the SAP Fiori design the training cost reduced .We can compare the transition from the SAP GUI to SAP Fiori like airplane operating in the manual mode that hit the launch button from the ground in order to make it fly.

Responsive: The SAP Fiori applications are responsive that means SAP Fiori provides the responsive design that provides seamlessly experience regardless of the device whether desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop and so on.On the other hand SAP software is very sensitive towards the device, OS used, browser used and so on but the SAP responsive design is the solution to all these problems. One does not require to wait for the longer duration in order to submit any request like travel request, leave request or tracking of the sales records by using any device you can perform your task.

User oriented: Classical SAP was very transaction oriented but the SAP Fiori is more user centric and the goal oriented the major improvement in the SAP Fiori is the GUI counterpart that more focuses onto the end users.


Personalization: By means of the SAP Fiori user can personalize their homepage therefore user can manage what they want to see and how they can see. End user can personalize by adding tiles, deleting tiles, rearranging the tiles,reordering of groups and so on .Therefore personalization of homepage is provided by the SAP Fiori



Non harmonized UX: If the implementation of SAP Fiori is done along with the SAP out of the box then both are required to be accessed from the same point of entry or through the same portal by means of which user experiences the non harmonized UX that creates the hurdles in the smoother user experience .Therefore require to consume the  Fiori application through separate point of entry or the gateway and SAP applications through the portals but due to this the consumer or the user will feel frustrated and confused therefore we can say that the experience of user of using SAP Fiori application is only as good like using web dynapro application.

Mobile only: SAP Fiori provides the web responsive solution that can be accessed either by the mobile or the laptop/desktop. But from the standpoint of UX Fiori more qualify onto the mobile only solution. Since multiple flavors of the portals are used such as communications, enterprise, knowledge and so on, in which Fiori is used but the integration of the SAP Fiori with the applications of SAP onto the portal will led to the harmonization problem therefore require Fiori landscape to make available onto the mobile only that make easier for the end users to use the important application through the mobile. Now the question or the limitation arise that SAP Fiori is mobile only or the mobile first?

Meet the expectation of the user’s: The main purpose for the implementation of the SAP Fiori is to meet expectation of the end users and take the experience of consumption of the enterprise grade applications but Frori only delivers the applications that are used most commonly whereas end user expect everything on one platform that is not possible in nearby future. Therefore managing the user’s expectation is one of the major limitations.

Salary Trend of SAP Fiori

This graph show the salary trend of a SAP Fiori employee in the UK Y axis represent the amount in UK Pounds and X axis represents the progress through out the years.

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