SARAHAH APP Overview – As one app is going viral now days so thought of sharing some facts on it.

About Sarahah App:

Now day’s one app is taking over all app and running at top of app store beating out Instagram, YouTube, and Snap chat but still most of the people are unaware about this app.

This app is used for sending and receiving feedbacks from co workers and friends anonymously.

This app is built by Programmer of Saudi named Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq and named after Arabic word for candor or frankness .This app launched in early Feb.

Various messaging apps are available in market such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram and so on.

These apps have taken the place of SMS even people do not even want to use SMS feature to send messages.

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How to use Sarahah

First you require to install the app from play store into your mobile by using or signing up by your email and username.

Initially you will see this window with three tabs at top that are received, favourite and sent messages. At the bottom there are four tabs that are message,windows,search,explore and profile.

By using search tab you can search your friend and colleagues and can send the feedback but the condition is that your colleague or friend should also have app installed in his/her system.

Currently this app is available for sending text messages only no photos sending option available. At the bottom one tab is there that is explore, this tab is under development.

Receiver cannot respond the message. Receiver can only like the message by clicking on heart button or can block the sender if continue to receive meaningless messages.

You can also share your saharah profile on facebook, twitter, Whatsapp in order to receive feedback from your colleagues and friends through these social networking sites.





Negative about app:

Despite of its popularity there are some negative aspects of this app this app will soon become the bullying tool as identity of sender is not disclosed so anyone can send any message to anyone without worrying about receiver response.

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Sure the concept used in this app is completely unique and fun. Be prepare yourself to be bullied by people before going live with this app as you can receive many hateful comments and in response you cannot send any message back to the sender. Hope people will use this app only to share the genuine feedback.

Sarahah is available free on Android and ios.

As 90% people are connected with facebook therefore here sharing you the step to link your Sarahah account with facebook:

  • Open facebook app and log in
  • On your profile click on edit profile
  • Click on edit your about info
  • Then click on contact info edit
  • Click on add website
  • On website address bar write and the click on save button
  • Now your Sarahah profile is successfully linked with facebook account

If you have used or using this app then please share your feedback on this app.


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