SEO – Search Engine Optimization Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.It optimizes the website for search engines like Google,yahoo and so on. SEO is used for the following purpose:

  • Design and develop a website in such a way so that the website rank good in search engine results.
  • Enhance the quality and volume of the traffic to a website from search engines.
  • Focuses on marketing by seeing what the visitors search in search engine and how the search algorithm works

If you want to know how SEO perform then it is require to know that how search engine works.SEO is also called as SEO copyrighting as most of the things require to promote the website in search engine deal with the text.

Working of Search Engine

In order to provide the search results search engine performs the following activities:

Indexing: Indexing is process of assigning the index to web pages that require to be fetched these WebPages are stored in the giant database that are used later for retrieving. Basically the process of indexing is the identification of words and expressions that best describe the webpage and then assign particular keyword to the web page.

Crawling: In this process all the WebPages linked to the website are fetched for performing this task a software known as crawler or spider is used.

Processing: Whenever new search request appear in the search engine, search engine compares the requested result with the indexed WebPages in the database.

Relevancy Calculation: Relevancy calculation is performed by the search engine when more than one search result exist for the requested search string then relevancy of each webpage in its index is calculated.

Retrieving results: The last step in the search engine is the retrieval of results the best matched result to the search string is displayed onto the browser. Search engine such as Google and Yahoo continue to update their relevancy algorithm dozens a time per month to provide the user with best search result, whenever you find any changes in the ranking then it is due to the change in algorithm.

Search Engine Rank

When you type any search string in search engine then it displays the relevant result matching the search string or thousand of Web Pages stored in its database some Web Pages come at the top and some appear at the bottom ,the webpage that appear at the top after search is carried out then that Web Pages are called as having high page rank or have page rank 1.Ranking of webpage is measured by the position of webpage when search is performed. SEO is the process that is performed for development and designing of website to attain high rank in search results.

On page SEO and Off page SEO

On page SEO and off page SEO are the two ways used for the optimization purpose.

On page SEO: It deals with the enhancement of webpage by providing good content, put keywords at correct place, good selection of keywords, and assign appropriate title to each webpage.

Off page SEO: It includes the building of link, increase the popularity of link by submitting open directories, link exchanges, and search engines and so on.

SEO content writing

SEO content writing is also known as SEO copy writing. SEO content writing is the process of integrating the keywords and phrases to the website content. Here are some tips that require to be follow while writing the content for your website:

  • The content written in the website should target a particular group of audience.
  • Density of keyword should be strictly according to the search engine guidelines
  • Your web page title should always be catchy that brings more audience to your content and forces them to explore more on your website.
  • Try to avoid using confusing ,complex and ambiguous language make use of small statement for making the content more understandable
  • Keep the webpage short
  • Divide the content of your webpage into short paragraphs
  • Distribute and organize the web pages content evenly




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