Simple Ways To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram

Simple Ways To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram . Few months ago Instagram was not known but now it is one of the popular social networking sites where you can share your photographs.

In order to get more followers on instagram here I am sharing some of the tips that will show how you can promote your instagram profile with less effort.

Motto of increasing follower is clear only that win who participates .Do not wait for other to find your profile start commenting or like what you like.

For doing this you need to click on discover button in middle of the bottom menu bar and then enter any word in which you like example say technology.

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Anyone that sees that he receives the comment or like from the stranger become curious to know about the stranger and start visiting stranger page may be the possibility that he can become your next follower.

In instagram it is also important to follow others if you like someone or visits his profile than better to become their follower.

Most of the people in reverse start following your profile that is the way of expressing thanks. This is the most popular way to get more followers on Instagram.


Simple Ways To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram

Use Hashtags correctly

Hashtags are very important in Instagram.If # is placed in front of word then you can find the associated image in the search by that term.

So write #valentine below your image so everyone that will search for valentine will find your image. More hashtags are better but be careful to use only useful and current hashtags do not use too much

Go with the flow if you do not aware about the words “LOL” and “SWAG” but these terms are majorly used by others.

Some hashtags are evergreen used by thousands of people everyday like #instagood, #no filter, and #photo of the day. When you will enter these terms into search then you will see how many entries are there by these terms.

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TagsForLikes app is available that give you a variety of hashtags that you can use into your image. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

Do not use only popular hashtags along with them use some descriptive hashtags that better describe your image like #food, # love and many more.

Since Instagram used around the globe then try to use English for the hashtags .Suppose if you provide #love then it will be find across the globe on the instagram with the name #love.


Simple Ways To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram

Do Participate in Instagram Competitions

Instagram hosts daily multiple competitions where you need to submit photo on particular topic and then best photo selected.

Most popular competition on Instagram is “photo of the day” .To participate into this competition you need to add one of your picture with the hashtag #photoftheday.

If your luck works your photo chosen as photo of the day then they ends up with the link to your profile @photooftheday.

Winners receives several likes and followers in only one day. Two more competitions #pictureoftheday and #bestoftheday runs daily.

Remain active in terms of competitions so that you will find several new contests there you can participate with picture and respective hashtags.

Upload right photo on Instagram

Type of photo is very important to upload on Instagram.Upload only those pictures that have something to do with current trend. Upload only good and original pictures. Upload the pictures regularly if you do not have something new to upload then your followers will go down. Do not overdo the pictures with filters


Simple Ways To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram

Make your story to appear onto public Instagram story

For doing this you have two ways:

  • To your instagram story add hashtag
  • To your instagram story add location

If you are into any live event then it is your time live event can be any concert, function, national holiday. Today’s people are more interested in seeing what’s happening in real time by this you can increase your number of followers.

In order to add location to your instagram story you need to click on to the location sticker and then add location of your story.

If you add location to your story then it works for both city as well as individual landmarks,businesses.Suppose you are adding location Empire state building to your story then your story will work for both empire state building or new York city

How soon you can become known on Instagram

For getting into the Instagram you do not only require hashtags, for followers and likes you need to have patience and require a regular update on you profile. Try to upload daily some new and exciting pictures then soon you will get the success


Simple Ways To Get Maximum Followers On Instagram

Buy Followers/Likes

Everything takes time but if you do not have patience and want to become popular soon then you can also buy like and followers on pictures.

This will not create any negative impact on your profile it is valid action. You require to spend $20 for 2500 followers and if your budget is limited then in only $5 you can get 100 followers.

But buying followers does not mean you will get likes too there is possibility that you can get 5 -10 likes on 1000 followers then you can buy the likes too.

But the questions is that buying likes or followers is worth so I will suggest this will only increase your number not your reach then better to wait than spend money.

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