What Is Chat bot ?

What Is Chat bot :

What is Chat bot ? Chat bot is also called chat robot or chatterbot is capable of simulating the human conversation or chat by artificial intelligence. Chat bot is a computer program.

Chatbot generally communicates with the real person. Generally application developed in such a way in which two chat bots can communicate with each other.

Major area where chat bots used are ecommerce customer care, internet gaming and call centers.

Chat bots for this applications are typically limited to the conversations that focus onto the particular purpose. Not on to the entire range of human communication.

What Is Chat bot

ALICE is one of the well-known examples of chat bot. Nowdays chat point is one of the matter of discussion in business world.

Chat bot Discovery

Discovery of chat bot introduced the new way of customer engagement and doing business in the form of conversational commerce. Business can easily depend on Chat bot as it is one of the most useful technologies. Replacing the old models and making the websites and apps redundant.

Chat bot a computer program as it is mimic the conversation of human in its natural format that includes spoken language or text by making use of artificial intelligence techniques such as NLP natural language processing, video and image processing and audio analysis.


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One of the important features of chat bot is that they learn from the previous experiences and become smarter and intelligent over the time. Chat bots use two ways of working smart machine based and rule based.

In the rule based way of working chat bot make use of the predefined responses from the database on the basis of keywords used for the search.

On the other hand smart machine based chat bot inherits it’s all capabilities from the artificial intelligence and the cognitive computing and based on the customer interactions adapt their behavior.

Chat bot importance in business

As we all are aware that we are living in the era where tech savvy customers exist they use to connect to the social platforms by using their smart mobile devices.

These customers always demands intuitive and seamless customer experience from the brand they associated with or engaged with. These customers need real-time response of their queries and demand more personalized suggestions and recommendations from the brand.

In order to satisfy the requirement of customers and to stand in the increasing competition world most of the businesses are moving toward the use of Chat bot or the virtual agents that can manage the customer queries without any delay or creating hurdles to the customer.


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Chat bots engage their customers in right place, at the right time and with the right information in a cost efficient way. For the brand chat bot appear as the human face where the customer builds their empathy and trust.


What Is Chat bot

Chat bot advantages

  • Involve with the customers in a natural and friendly way.
  • Simpler interface used for interaction.
  • Familiar platforms used for interactions such as Facebook chat through API.
  • Chat bots comes with the ability to outperform the humans with the speed of handling the customer queries.
  • Cost efficient and easy to build.
  • Enhanced efficiency with round the clock customer service.


Chat bot Future

Now a day’s chat bots appear on every social platforms, websites and smart phones and utilized in efficient way to give hassle free experience to customers.

By the AI technology and deep learning evolution we can expect better language processing capabilities and extensive personalization in nearby future.

In the future chat bot will be embedded in all the connected devices that are available in day-to-day lives. Chat bots will give digital business platform for transformation of human interaction. Will also give the new realms of personalized customer experience.

By seeing this benefits of chat bots organizations are moving to invest heavily on this space. Next chat bots generation will come with more power to synthesize, store and recall data. These will make smart buying decisions for you and will also give you the information about the heavy traffic or the bad weather condition on your drive way to office.

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