What Is PMP – Project Management Professional ?

Today I am going to share few things on PMP like What Is PMP – Project Management Professional ? Why to go for PMP ?  How much it cost ? And more so lets start with –

What Is PMP – Project Management Professional ?

PMP is project management professional it is the certification done by project managers and it is well-recognized by industries. In every country PMP leading projects exist PMP is global certification. With the PMP you can work in any place, in any company or in any methodology.

When we talk about salary and earning potential then one with PMP certification steal the show. By a survey people with PMP certification earn 20 % higher than that of the people without PMP certifications.

Organization also benefitted by PMP certification if in an organization one-third project managers are PMP certified then more project will completed by an organization on time, on budget and satisfies original goals.

PMP signifies that one with PMP certification have knowledge of global language of project management and establish connection with community of professionals, experts and organizations worldwide. Become a PMP and create unique identity in workplace.

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Why to go for PMP?

If you have experience in project management and working as a project manager. You handle all aspects of projects such as leading, delivery and directing cross functional teams then PM is better choice it enhances your skill and act as butter in bread.

What Is PMP - Project Management Professional

About PMP Exam:

PMP certification exam duration is 4 hours and you need to finish 200 multiple choice questions .In order to maintain your PMP you require to earn 60 professional units (PDUs) every 3 years.


Non-member: US$555.00

Prerequisites for PMP Certification:

  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education


  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education


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For getting PMP certification you need to pay hundreds of dollars and spend hours for studying the material. Is it worth? Here sharing some benefits of PMP certification.

What Is PMP - Project Management Professional

Create unique identity among others

If you are going to apply for a job then you first look the job requirements. Companies prefer candidates with desired experience and education. In case if you want yourself to set apart from other candidates then better to get certified. Certification proves that you have more knowledge and experience required for the job.

Increase Employment opportunities

There is a huge requirement of project management professionals and most of the companies prefer employee with PMP certification. Hence if you require to open doors to new opportunities and companies then you require to get certified.

International Recognition

PMP certification is recognized internationally not only in U.S.If you want to build career in company of other country or working with company with international clients .PMP certification proves that you posses all quality of project manager.

Help Your Company

Here the question how a certification can be beneficial for the organization but here in this certification you learn best skill sets and practices require for optimal performance. You become able to train other team members this help your projects run smoother. Train team results good performance.

Salary increment

Companies are ready to pay more to the employee with higher level of expertise regardless of whether working as employee or consultant.

Certification proves that you are deserving candidate for higher pay package. As per the PMI website starting salary of PMP certified individuals is higher than the individuals without certification in the same career field, around 20% more salary received by PMP certified professionals.

If you want increment in your workplace then first try t achieve some certification.

Enhance Job Performance

Learning is a continuous process and as project manager one need to upgrade skills continuously and need to be constantly learning and improving to stay on top of your game.

Better way to do this is to receive PMP certification. To remain certified you need to take continuing education credits. Sure your company will also notice your stellar job performance. If you apply whatever you learnt at your workplace then you will improve as project manager.

Better evaluate team members

Great team make the great project manager. In order to build your team you need to check your team members find out the employees with higher strength group them together and find out members that will work well together.

If you will prepare for the exam then also you will learn how you can better evaluate your team members and can make them award-winning team.

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