What You Will Get By Paying 1 Lakh in iPhone

What You Will Get By Paying 1 Lakh in iPhone .

Apple introduced new iPhone in its iPhone series that is iPhone 8 and of course people are eager to know about Apple’s new launch here sharing some features that you must know if you are planning to buy Apple iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus has feature glass bodies that help in charging without wire, faster A11 processor, upgraded cameras and displays are true tone.

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Key Features:

A11 processor

Glass body

4.7 and 5.5 inch LCD display

Louder speakers

Wireless inductive charging

What You Will Get By Paying 1 Lakh in iPhone

Three new iPhone introduced by Apple in its recent event these are iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X.

But major improvement incorporated in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Seven layer color process used by Apple for the purpose of precise hue and opacity.

Most durable glasses used by the Apple that is ever used in the smartphone.iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus both are IP67 water and dust resistant and speaker are about 25 percent louder than its previous iPhone versions.

Retina HD display provided along with true tone support in order to match color of display to ambient lightning for getting more natural and paper like viewing experience. Brightness of the display is same as that of display in iPhone 7 and offers cinema standard wide color gamut.


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New portrait lightning feature provided in iPhone 8 plus for portrait mode that will enable iPhone users to add studio lightning effect to the portrait photos.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus designed with new gyroscopes and accelerometers to track more accurate motion.

Glass bodies in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus provide support to the Qi based inductive wireless charging therefore in both the versions it is possible to charge using range of Qi supported charging mats.

12 megapixel rear camera in iPhone 8 and in iPhone 8 plus dual camera setup is given.

In both the models larger and faster sensors are provided with new color filter and deeper pixels. Along with new signal processing there is also advanced pixel processing wide color capture and faster autofocus in low light and much better HDR pictures.

What You Will Get By Paying 1 Lakh in iPhone

Price :

iPhone 8 and iphone 8 plus are available in 64 and 256 GB capacities in a price starting from $ 699 for iPhone 8 and $ 799 for larger version of iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X starts from $1000.

But if we talk about its price it is pretty high and people think before investing this much amount of money on mobile phone.

iPhone x without any doubt is the best iPhone in the iPhone series but if we talk about the its price then several mobile phone are available in market with nearly same features and in less price.

For the iPhone series the features such as wireless charging, facial recognition, OLED display and bezel less design are completely new but these features are already available in Android phone. So it is not new in market.

Galaxy Note 8 available with dual cameras,6.3 inch edge to edge display, wireless charging, nifty S-pen tracks, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner and facial recognition and if we see its price then it’s cheaper than that of the iPhone new launch and Galaxy Note 8 is nice phone.

But if you are an ardent follower of iPhone and love to buy iPhone new launch then you can surely go for it because it fulfils all your demand that you expect from a phone.

What You Will Get By Paying 1 Lakh in iPhone

If you have already invested in iPhone ecosystem then no Android phone can match with your Mac and iPad.Wall ecosystem and ease of use is Apple’s biggest strength.

In case you do not have any iPhone till now then it is quite difficult to invest such a big amount on this iPhone launch.

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